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13 February 1997 Edition

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Back issue: War with England will be more intense

``THE campaign against military and economic targets will be maintained and intensified during the coming year.''

That promise was contained in Wednesday's statement from the leadership of Oglaigh Na h√Čireann, which claimed responsibility for the co-ordinated series of bomb attacks in London's West End last Friday. Eleven explosions in the space of four hours threw the elite Scotland Yard bomb squad into panic. Most British and Irish newspapers mis-read the situation and speculated that the blitz was timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

The statement from GHQ, Irish Republican Army, clarified the situation and revealed that Friday's operation was merely a prelude to a new and more intense bombing campaign in England.

An active service unit, acting under control of General Headquarters, Dublin, brought central London to a standstill and struck fear into the hearts of big business.

The decision to re-open the second front and bring the war of liberation to the English capital comes in the wake of another anti-civilian drive by the British Army.

By bringing the struggle into the enemy's back yard the leadership of Oglaigh Na h√Čireann have again demonstrated their ability to develop and intensify the war.

Republican News, 12 February 1977.

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