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1 March 2007 Edition

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Vote Sinn Féin

As the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis meets this weekend there are only days to go to polling in the Six County Assembly election. With Sinn Féin running 37 Sinn Féin candidates in 18 constituencies across the North, the party’s canvassers have been receiving a hugely positive response on the doorsteps and are confident of once again increasing the Sinn Féin mandate.
The weeks ahead will be vitally important, not just for Sinn Féin but for the future shape of politics on this island. The election brings us to a point in the political process where decisions must be made. The intentions of the DUP towards power sharing and participation in the all-Ireland institutions of the Good Friday Agreement must be made clear by 26 March.
The political leadership of unionism has a very straight choice to make – either it comes on board with all of the other parties and the vast majority of opinion in Ireland and agrees to the restoration of the institutions and a shared political future or it ensures the collapse of those institutions.
The latter scenario will see ‘new partnership arrangements’ between the Irish and British Governments and the implementation of all other elements of the Agreement.
Republicans hope that the DUP leadership makes the right choice – the right choice for its own electorate, for unionists, nationalists – the right choice for this country.
But whatever the DUP or anyone else decides to do, republicans have a serious political project and a clear strategy from which we will not be diverted.
That strategy is all-Ireland in nature. Sinn Féin is fighting the Assembly election while at the same time in the midst of advanced preparations for the 26 County general elections – to take place within the next few months.
It is important that Sinn Féin continues to increase its representation in Leister House at the general election. Our strategy requires increasing the republican mandate North and South and building our political strength on a national level so that we can help to shape Irish society in a way that better serves all of our people.
Politics for Sinn Féin is about empowering people so that they can shape their own lives and their own country. We are about the reconquest of Ireland by the people of Ireland.
Every vote cast for Sinn Féin on 7 March is a vote for political progress. Similarly the 26 county general election will give people a further opportunity to advance the cause of a united Ireland of Equals.
Sinn Féin is about delivering. Sinn Féin is about the future. Vote Sinn Féin.

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