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22 February 2007 Edition

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Assembly election: campaign launched

Vote for progress and equality

Sinn Féin launched its Assembly election campaign in Belfast Castle on Wednesday. Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams was joined by all of the party’s candidates standing across the North.

Speaking at the event in Belfast Castle, Adams said: “Once again Sinn Féin candidates will contest every constituency in this election. We will go to the people asking them to endorse the work we have done locally, nationally and internationally.

“A vote for Sinn Féin in this election is a vote for political progress. It is a vote for a future based upon equality. It is also a vote for a party that delivers. We never take the electorate for granted going into any election campaign. This one is no different. So we have to go out and engage with the electorate at doors across the six counties.

“This is a crucially important election. This election is about the future. It is about the type of future people want and it is about who they want to lead them. It is about the peace process and it is about the type of Ireland we want to build. It is about leadership and giving leadership. It is also about the bread and butter issues - social and economic concerns which impact on peoples everyday lives - water charges, the increasing rates burden, house prices, care for our elderly and cuts to Health and Education services.

“Sinn Féin will seek endorsement from the people to bring forward radical proposals to tackle these and other issues in a power sharing Executive. British Direct Rule Ministers will never deliver for people on this island. We must take ownership of our own futures and begin to deliver for all citizens. That is what this election campaign has to be about.

“So we look forward to the next two weeks confident that we can bring our vision for the future direction of politics in this island to more and more people and that people will once again place their faith and confidence in us to deliver for them.”


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