16 November 2006 Edition

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Dúirt Siad...

I spent many an unhappy evening in A&E departments. It is like visiting Hades. It is a horror show. - Acclaimed film director John Boorman on research he conducted for his most recent film The Tiger's Tail, an exploration of the so-called Celtic Tiger. The Irish News,  10 November.


Why do the Sinn Féin rewards, including Irish language legislation, all appear on the face of the St Andrews document, but the alleged and largely illusory concessions to the DUP are the subject of undisclosed side deals and as yet unproduced letters of comfort and assurance? - Failed MP Bob Robert McCartney stakes his claim for last man standing at the Alamo. Sunday Life, 11 November.


He was there when sub-machine guns were handed over to loyalists - it was the done thing at the time. He was only one of many. - John Weir former RUC and UVF member on Chief Superintendent Harry Breen, who was executed by the IRA in South Armagh on 20 March 1989. The Sunday Business Post, 12 November.


One of the Inspectorate's worst practices which must end is ringing up employers in advance telling them to expect a visit. - Trade Union leader Owen Willis on the government's Labour Inspectorate. Sunday Tribune,  12 November.


Three Gardaí were pinned on top of Mr O'Donnell including one on his head. - A local describes the Garda assault on Pat O'Donnell during last the day of action by the Shell to Sea campaign on Friday, 10 November. The Irish Times, Monday, 13 November.


The money would have been better spent hiring medical staff. - Dr Mary McCaffrey President of the Irish Hospital Consultants on the staggering 2.7 million Euro paid by the taxpayer last year for the use of four and five star hotels by Health Service Executives.  Irish Independent, 13 November.


The silence has been imposed by the tyrannical consensus that any expression of disquiet or anger about the British state's role in facilitating, harbouring and controlling sectarian killers of northern Catholics and citizens of the republic is really an expression of crypto provisionalism. - Justine McCarthy Irish Independent, Monday 13 November.

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