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30 January 1997 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Sinn Féin should be isolated, border roads should be closed and then eventually Sinn Féin should not be allowed to broadcast on TV or radio, the SDLP leader John Hume should cut all contact with Sinn Féin.

UUP's John Taylor's policies on the peace process.

As far as the bulk of the nationalist community is concerned the RUC is finished and the panic stricken scrambling that we are witnessing at present suggests that it knows it is finished.

Andersonstown News editorial, Saturday 25 January.

There's no way that any Sinn Féin representative will take an oath of allegiance to the English queen.

Martin McGuinness at Bloody Sunday rally in London, Saturday 25 January.

To raise the red herring of decommissioning as a pre-requisite for substantive dialogue is as nonsensical as it is impractical... the practicality of achieving this laudable objective is nil in the absence of an acceptable political settlement.

Progressive Unionist Party spokesperson David Ervine, Irish Times, Monday 27 January

Regrettably, there are turf wars and tensions between the communities and agencies and between the agencies themselves... If each concludes that only they know the answers we won't make any progress.

Dublin government Minister Pat Rabbitte on the delay of the introduction of the national drugs task force due to in-fighting among the various government agencies and bodies.

We robbed the Irish people of their language and literature... We colonised Ireland with people loyal to the crown... We drove thousands of Roman Catholics into exile and killed thousands of men, women and children - and we invoke God as our justification. We failed (150 years ago) to feed a starving people... Leaving millions to die or emigrate... We demeaned the Irish people by caricaturing them as stupid, drunken and feckless, and when they protested, we met violence with violence. That is why there is an all-enduring sense of injustice.

From an article entitled `Britain owes Ireland an apology' by Canon Nicholas Frayling, Anglican Rector of Liverpool, The Independent, Wednesday 29 January.

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