31 August 2006 Edition

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Recommendations of previous reports of the Morris Tribunal have been ignored. The political establishment is in denial at the scale of corruption and indiscipline there is within the force.

Michael McDowell has protected his flank by the publication of a new disciplinary code but continues to deny the scale of the problem. - Vincent Browne on the fallout from the latest report of the Morris Tribunal into Garda corruption. Village, 24 August.

If Labour really supported the 20% social housing plan, they would have backed it from the beginning. But it's safe to back it now, when it's on its way out. - Eoin Ó Murchú, on the hypocrisy of the Labour Party in complaining that Fianna Fáil is reneging on social housing plans even though Labour remained shamefully silent when Noel Dempsey first announced the idea. Village, 24 August.

He despairs in particular at the lack of housing for those at the lower rungs and the huge profits accruing to a small band at the top. Yet, when he was in power he did as little as any other government to tackle the apparent constitutional weight given to the sanctity of private property. The Kenny report in 1971, which recommended housing land should be purchased by local authorities at agricultural prices, long predated his stint as Taoiseach.

" I'm still not clear in recollection as to why it wasn't tackled when we were in", he says. " I remember some discussion as to the arguments but I can't recall the outcome".' - Michael Clifford interviewing former Fine Gael Taoiseach Garret Fitgerald, Sunday Tribune, 27 August.

The Inspector of Prisons, Justice Dermot Kinlen, last week released a hard-hitting report into the state of Irish prisons and accused Justice minister Michael McDowell of a "frightening and fascist' attitude towards reform. - Eoghan Rice, Sunday Tribune, 27 August on recently released Inspector of Prison's report.

Nationalist representatives have called for an investigation after it emerged the British government knew the identities of the bombers but failed to bring them to justice. - The Irish News, 30 August on calls for inquiry into British knowledge of Dublin bombers.

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