3 August 2006 Edition

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Sunday Indo does an ostrich

BY Aran Foley

The Sunday Independent, unable to quell rising support for Sinn Féin by their constant attacks, rants and lies about the party have resorted to a new tactic - pretending Sinn Féin simply does not exist. In a Sunday Independent survey issued to businesses throughout the 26 Counties the very first question is "Which party will you support in the next election?" The options listed are Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, Progressive Democrats, or the Greens.

With support for Sinn Féin running at 10% as opposed to the Progressive Democrat's pathetic 2% and also well ahead of the Greens who are around the 6% mark the results will be meaningless.

In a covering letter from Shane Ross, Business Editor, and Nick Webb, Deputy Business Editor they say they are carrying out a brief and confidential survey of Irish business opinion and that the results will be covered in the paper in the coming weeks.

A number of businesses have contacted An Phoblacht and forwarded the survey and covering letter to us. The covering letter encourages respondents to fax their replies to 01 - 7055719 in order to compile an "invaluable record of Irish business opinion." Maybe people should fax them to point out just how worthless it is as a record of business opinion by the omission of Sinn Féin.

At the time of writing neither Shane Ross nor Nick Webb had responded to our calls.

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