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22 September 2005 Edition

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News Quiz

The News Quiz 22 September 2005

An Phoblacht weekly news quiz.

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1. Which all-Ireland GAA star was Sinn Féin said to be trying to sign up as a Dáil candidate in a Sunday Independent front-page "exclusive" that was typically totally wide of the mark?

2. The "whistle-blower" whose revelations about bribing Fianna Fáil former Justice Minister Ray Burke led to the setting up of the planning tribunal died last week at the age of 88. Name him.

3. Which famous sporting figure was under fire this week after he argued that "working-class" footballers are "slaughtered" for episodes of drunkenness and violence that "middle class" cricketers and rugby players routinely get away with?

4. Which ten times Champion National Hunt Jockey in Britain, from Moneyglass, has been made a Freeman of the Borough of Antrim?

5. Which major supermarket chain has been revealed as building a huge database profiling every household -- including your personality, travel habits, shopping preferences and even how charitable and eco-friendly you are -- whether you shop with them or not, and selling the information to other organisations?

6. Born in the Ukraine, this former architect lost 89 relatives in the Holocaust and became the world's most famous Nazi hunter. He died in Los Angeles this week. Who was he?

7. An occasional refreshment point for republicans attending commemorations at Glasnevin Cemetery, this 19th Century pub was mentioned in James Joyce's Ulysses but its owner wants to demolish it and replace it with a new six-storey pub, 57 apartments and offices. Which pub?

8. Which Irish passenger carrier is "offering" its workers lower pay or redundancy and replacement with cheap overseas labour?

9. Which former Taoiseach has just celebrated his 80th birthday?

10. Which international film star shocked some viewers when he lit up a cigarette on the BBC TV show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and, in plugging his cookery book, asked how he would cook a hedgehog, he replied: "You inflate it through its arse."


1. Cork All-Ireland Hurling star Seán Óg Ó hAilpín.

2. James Gogarty.

3. Glasgow Celtic Manager Gordon Strachan.

4. Tony McCoy.

5. Tesco's. The database is called 'Crucible'.

6. Simon Wiesenthal.

7. The Brian Boru, or Hedigan's.

8. Irish Ferries.

9. Fianna Fáil former leader Charles J Haughey.

10. Gérard Depardieu, who denied he was drunk and said he was acting.

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