16 June 2005 Edition

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Lisburn superbigots discriminate against Irish

Lisburn Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Butler has told An Phoblacht he will be seeking legal advice after the DUP-dominated council rejected a motion calling on the council to implement a Department of Environment circular in relation to the Irish language being acceptable as a minority language under a European Charter.

Speaking after the council's Strategic Policy Committee meeting on Wednesday 8 June, Butler said the decision to exclude Irish language speakers is "further evidence that the superbigots on Lisburn Council have once again lived up to their name of being the most sectarian council in the Six Counties by freezing out all those who do not adhere to the unionist tradition.

"This is a deliberate snub to the identity and culture of the Irish language speaking community in Lisburn and will be seen by many within the nationalist community as further evidence that Lisburn council is not a city for everyone."

Butler told An Phoblacht that Sinn Féin is taking up the issue with the Equality Commission and is seeking legal advice with a view to issuing court proceedings against Lisburn Council.

"We will be presenting a new Notice of Motion calling on them again to implement the Charter without delay. If the council still refuses to implement the Charter we will seek recourse through the courts," he said.

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