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12 May 2005 Edition

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Dúirt Siad

The message is clear — people want to see progress and they want to see Sinn Féin leading that change.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, after 174,530 people voted for the party in the Westminster elections last Thursday, solidifying its position as the largest nationalist party in the North, and increasing from four to five its number of MPs. Monday 9 May.

There was a time when the BBC and UTV during their election coverage used to show the political map as results came in, covered in orange, except for pockets of green in West Belfast, Foyle, Newry and Armagh and South Down. Now they no longer show the map in case it offends viewers in Bangor and Carrickfergus

The Andersonstown News looks at the realities of the new political landscape in the North. Tuesday 10 May.

The immediate euphoria of the victories will conceal the demise of the party's fortunes elsewhere, most obviously the loss of Séamus Mallon's Newry/Armagh seat. The three Westminster seats will also distract attention from the swing from the SDLP to Sinn Féin of about 4.5% across the North.

Irish News Columnist and former SDLP member Brian Feeney analyses what actually happened to the SDLP last Friday. Monday 9 May.

I want to work very actively to try and get this peace agreement back on the road to a permanent settlement.

New Six-County Secretary of State Peter Hain lays out his political stall. The Independent, Monday, 9 May.

The new leader will have to be ruthless. With the loss of MPs comes a colossal loss of finances.

A UUP insider gets the party's priorities straight — money, then politics. The Newsletter, Monday 9 May.

Go down to the job centre.

DUP supporters heckle David Trimble at the Upper Bann count centre. BBC, Friday 6 May.

Paisley's actions can only be fully understood as rivalry for power and little else. There is not much in the way of idealism, no appreciation of the real needs (as opposed to manufactured wants) of the people and little integrity or honesty in the DUP approach.

Irish News columnist Roy Garland. Monday 9 May.

The old path of unionism has returned. The Bible says look for the good way.

The ranting reverend makes as much sense as ever. Paisley celebrated his election last Friday by breaking into hymns during his podium speech. The Irish Independent, Saturday, 7 May.

The battle for Foyle will continue and it starts when these proceedings end.

Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin is gracious in defeat, but promises that the war for nationalist votes in Foyle is not over. Press conference at the count centre, Friday 6 May.

The BBC have a responsibility to ensure that their coverage does not discriminate against any section of people here. Quite clearly in carrying that remark they have failed to fulfil that basic requirement of broadcast journalism.

Gerry Adams slams the BBC for allowing a viewer's text branding Sinn Féin voters 'soap dodgers' to scroll across their screen during election coverage. Daily Ireland, Tuesday, 10 May.

The interactive element of the service reflects the opinion and views of the general public and allows them to have their strong views included.

The BBC refuses to apologise for the offensive text message after receiving numerous complaints from viewers. Daily Ireland, Tuesday 10 May.

Mr Blair, this is for Iraq.

Labour rebel George Galloway makes his victory speech after beating a Blair favourite to get elected in Bethnal Green, London. BBC, Friday 6 May.

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