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8 July 2010

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Ex-Green Party Councillor Chris O'Leary (Independent) joins Sinn Féin

PROMINENT former Green Party councillor, Independent Cork City Councillor Chris O’Leary, has today joined Sinn Féin.

Chris works full-time as a project manager in a Community Development Project on the city’s northside and has been involved in anti-poverty work for many years.

The well-known environmental activist has also spent time working on a voluntary basis in Latin America, principally in the Amazon region, where he worked to document the lives of indigenous people and the implications of deforestation, health issues, child prostitution and human rights.

He is a graduate of UCC and has served as a board member with the Community Workers’ Co-Op and the Volunteer Centre of Ireland. He is a member of the Cork Environmental Forum.

Councillor Chris O’Leary said:

“Today is about building a strong, united and real alternative to the politics of the Establishment in Cork.”

“Over the past few years I have established a good relationship with my Sinn Féin colleagues on Cork City Council. I have watched the party become a progressively stronger force in the politics of the city. I have seen Sinn Féin members and representatives campaigning on issues that are also important to me – for a real job creation strategy, for investment in communities, for action on anti-social behaviour and drugs, against NAMA and public service cutbacks.

“I have come to the conclusion that joining Sinn Féin is the best way I can contribute to building the genuine political alternative our city needs.”

“As a Sinn Féin councillor, I intend to continue the effective local representation and passionate advocacy of the interests of ordinary people in Cork on which I have built my reputation in politics.”

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