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28 October 2004 Edition

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Dúirt Siad

Of all the memories I have of arrests - and there are quite a few - probably the most abiding is of Pierre Salinger, the former press secretary of President John F. Kennedy, nonchalantly puffing a huge Cuban cigar as he was hoisted into a jeep in Springfield Road barracks before being sent to Castlereagh for interrogation.

Danny Morrison remembers journalist and broadcaster, Pierre Salinger, who died last week aged 79. His arrest in Belfast in 1979 caused great embarrassment to Whitehall, although the man himself took it in his stride.

When did any Fianna Fáil politician last make a speech about equality or demilitarisation in the North? They leave it to the British. On past evidence, it's like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank.

The Sunday Business Post editorialises on the lack of momentum from the Dublin Government on the peace process, 24 October.

I believe that stopping the clock is the best way to find a solution in the best interests of Europe and its people.

Jose Manuel Barroso tells a news conference that he is withdrawing his proposed line-up of EU Commissioners. MEPs had threatened to resign after Barroso nominated Rocco Buttiglione, who has expressed controversial views on gays and women. BBC online, Wednesday 27 October.

I was ordered to lie down. I was lying flat when my uncle came in and sat on my chest with my arms folded. That was to restrain me. Next I felt a splash of water on my private parts and the next thing I felt was the cutting.

Juliet Imiruaye, a Nigerian midwife who was given a six-month stay on her deportation from Ireland last week. Juliet has been praised for her work in lobbying the Dublin Government to recognise fear of female genital mutilation as a valid reason for seeking asylum. The Examiner, Saturday 23 October.

Mr President look behind you - there's no one there.

John Kerry accuses George Bush of encouraging an unreasonable culture of fear in the United States. The Irish Times, Saturday 23 October.

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