30 September 2004 Edition

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Campaign of harassment against youth

A 16-year-old boy who has been beaten by the PSNI for the second time in two weeks wants the PSNI to leave him alone.

Sean Moore, who has been living at a children's home in North Belfast since his mother died two years ago, was beaten and arrested by the PSNI last week in an attempt to get him to inform on a relative.

The teenager, who had wanted to remain anonymous, as reported in last week's An Phoblacht, has now decided to go public as he tries to get the harassment stopped.

Moore was with his 15-year-old friend Edward Marley when the PSNI stopped them at Glandore Avenue and they were taken to Antrim Road PSNI barracks.

According to the youth, the PSNI men again asked him for information about his relatives. During his time custody, the youth says he was assaulted by the PSNI.

"This cop kept shouting at me about my cousins but I hardly know them, as they are a lot older than me," he said.

The boy said he later found a note which said contact 'Billy' and the name of a city centre public house written on it.

Sinn Féin New Lodge councillor Carál Ní Chuilín says the PSNI are picking on the most vulnerable and at risk in our society and the harassment of two boys who are children in legal terms should stop at once.

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