3 June 2004 Edition

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50 years in the waiting

Maurice Quinlivan is optimistic about his chances in Limerick City Council. Sinn Féin hasn't had a councillor in the county for over 50 years, but according to all sources this will be the year that brings the dry spell to an end.

"The City Council is so far removed from the people of Limerick. We plan on going in there and making it relevant," Maurice told us this week.

"Housing is a huge issue in Limerick. We have an enormous waiting list and maintenance isn't being carried out on local houses. We are trying to get the council to manage estates properly, so they are actually places where people want to live."

Limerick Sinn Féin is running five candidates in the county, and is hoping that the elections will not only bring new councillors but will help build for the future.

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