11 September 2003 Edition

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Forkhill demil protest highlights radiation threat

ON SUNDAY 7 September about 400 people attended a demilitarisation rally held at Forkhill British Army Barracks in South Armagh. The rally was lead by a large group of youths carrying posters and dressed in white boiler suits - highlighting local fears regarding radiation and micro-wave emissions, emanating from sophisticated surveillance equipment used locally by the British Army.

Speakers at the rally included Sinn Féin Councillor Terry Hearty, the Principal of the local school and the main speaker Arthur Morgan, Sinn Féin TD in Co. Louth.

The youths also carried posters featuring Saddam Hussein's former spokesperson, Comical Ali, (famous for his outrageous disinformation) bearing the message, "Blair says he is demilitarizing. I swear he tells the truth.''

Hearty said that this was the first event in a comprehensive campaign to end the military occupation of South Armagh. He pointed out the health risks to the population of the area as a result of radiation emissions from the spy posts that ``infest'' South Armagh and in particular the new mast at the military installation at Forkhill.

"This is not solely a Sinn Fein campaign,'' he emphasised. "These dangers affect all of us and it is only when all of us stand together that we can end this occupation and the ongoing risks to our health and the health of our children.

People in these areas stood fast against the erection of phone masts because of the dangers associated with radiation emissions. These military posts are much more powerful and represent an even greater threat.''

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