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16 November 2012

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Poppy row: Death threats to James McClean probed

'I know I'll end up in trouble and maybe in prison over this'

POLICE IN BRITAIN are investigating death threats by a former British Army soldier to Sunderland and Ireland soccer star James McClean over the Derry-born footballer's refusal to wear a club shirt specially embroidered with the Royal British Legion poppy in Remembrance Sunday weekend.

Manchester doorman Cody Lachey sent a string of threats to McClean via An Phoblacht and other newspapers and Twitter, including photographs of live bullets.

Responding to our story about the threats, Lachey tweeted directly to An Phoblacht:

@codylachey50: @An_Phoblacht: Poppy bullies’ death threats against James McClean! Too right he deserves to be shot dead + body dragged past the cenotaph!!

Lachey – who describes himself on his Twitter account as "ex-army lad . . . best known as the face of rioters on BBC Newsnight" – told The Irish Sun:

"I think he's a f ---ing disgrace. I know I'll end up in trouble and maybe in prison over this but I'm willing to go to court, that's how strongly I feel."

The Sun says it has sent a file to New Scotland Yard and police told reporters the ex-soldier's threats are being examined.


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