26 January 2006 Edition

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Alan McBride to deliver Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture

Blood stained Civil Rights banner

Blood stained Civil Rights banner

This year's commemorative programme marking the 34th anniversary of the massacre of 13 unarmed civilians in Derry on Bloody Sunday 1972, has a packed agenda drawing out and reflecting on a range of issues related to the continuing search for justice and a lasting peace in Ireland.

The Annual Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture, Towards a Just Ireland will be delivered by Alan McBride whose wife Sharon was one of ten people killed by an IRA bomb on the Shankill Road in October 1993. What Justice Demands from Saville will hear a panel of local people reflect on the experience of the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday and what they expect as a minimum for justice. Dealing with the legacy of the conflict, dangers and opportunities will see people from across Ireland gather in Derry to discuss the way forward for the families and friends of those killed by state forces.

More generally the events create a space to come and reflect with others on the importance of justice here and throughout the world and to stand shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity with the families of the victims of Bloody Sunday and victims of injustice everywhere.

Thursday 26th January 2006

8.00pm Drama: Political Assassinator, In a world increasingly structured by military power what are the physical, psychological, and spiritual consequences of being a soldier, of forgoing moral considerations and saying "My country right or wrong"? Political Assassinator takes the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as the context for a rivetting exploration of the nature of War in our time. Performed by Yoram Mosenzon this is a chance to see a world class artist at the height of his powers taking on a crucial question.

Venue: The Playhouse, Artillery Street

Friday 27th January 2006

8.00pm The Annual Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture: Towards a Just Ireland The Lecture will this year be delivered by Alan McBride, whose wife Sharon was one of ten people killed in the IRA's bombing of Frizzell's fish shop on the Shankill Road on the 23rd October 1993.

Venue: Main Hall, The Guildhall, Guildhall Square

Saturday 28th January 2006

12.00pm Panel Discussion: What Justice Demands of Saville. Local people who witnessed events on the day or lost a loved one will give their personal views on what the community needs to be able to heal the wound of Bloody Sunday and move on. Panel: Mickey McKinney (family member), Eamon McDermot (journalist) and former Bishop of Derry, Edward Daily. The event will be chaired by Angela Hegarty who will also offer her view as a lawyer and human rights activist.

Venue: Main Hall, Pilot's Row, Rossville Street

1.00 - 5.00 Conference; Dealing with the legacy of the conflict, dangers and opportunities?, 1.00 - 1.45 Introduction, 1.45 - 3.30 Workshops, 3.30 - 5.00 Report Back. With the welcome withdrawal of the proposed NI Offences Bill, the establishment of the Historical Enquiries Team and news that the Police Ombudsman will also investigate 'historic' cases we ask where now for families who have lost loved ones to state forces in the conflict.

Following discussion the conference will then break up into workshops, reconvene with a report back and draw the event to end with a closing discussion.

Venue: Main Hall (Introduction & Report Back), Pilot's Row, Rossville Street

2.30pm Panel Discussion: For Sale - By Auction, A Small Offshore Island, Its People, Its Environment, Its Integrity. Where the Pentagon calls the shots in Shannon, Shell imprisons farmers from Mayo and warmonger Raytheon is welcome to Derry, are you for sale? This event will see a panel of activists speak about the campaigns against corporate power and corporate greed and the alternatives to doing nothing.

Venue: Main Hall, Pilot's Row, Rossville Street

4.00pm Discussion: Anarchism, the State and Justice

Venue: Committee Room, Pilot's Row, Rossville Street

7.00pm Film: Death in Gaza (UK, 2004, 80 mins, Documentary)

Venue: Theatre, Pilot's Row, Rossville Street

9.00pm Drama: Political Assassinator See Thursdays events d for details.

Venue: Theatre, Pilot's Row, Rossville Street

9.00pm Social Event/Fundraiser: The all important fundraiser social event that gives people a chance let their hair down or gel it up. Live bands & DJs. The Gasyard, doors open at 9.30pm, Door Toll £5 sterling. Featuring: Aontas (Trad Act), Cruncher O'Neill, Joe Mulheron, The Bluebelles Choir.

Venue: The Gasyard Centre, Lecky Road

Sunday 29th January 2006

11.00am Memorial Service: Wreath Laying Ceremony and Prayer Service — everyone welcome.

Venue: Bloody Sunday Monument, Rossville Street

2.30pm Annual Bloody Sunday Commemorative March. Followed by rally at Free Derry Wall. At the close of the rally the organisers are asking people to light a candle (3,637 in total) in memory of all those people who lost their lives as a result of the conflict. Candles will be provided freely. Speakers: representative from Sinn Féin, SDLP and Mark Thompson (Relatives for Justice) Chaired by Kay Duddy, sister of Jackie Duddy who was one of the 14 killed on the day.

Venue: Assemble 2.30pm Creggan Shops

Note: On Sunday 29th Café Creggan on Fanad Drive, Creggan will open from 11am to 3pm serving lunch and dinner.

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