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Around the councils (Free article)

2 July 2010

First-ever Female First Citizen County council demands Health Minister Harney’s resignation or sacking ONE of the largest local authorities in the 26 Counties, South Dublin County Council, has backed a Sinn Féin motion calling on Health Minister Mary Harney to resign or be sacked. The local authority represents a population of a quarter…

Seando Moore - A courageous Volunteer and hard-working community activist (Free article)

2 July 2010

THIS tribute to former IRA Volunteer and republican ex-POW Seando Moore was given in an oration at Seando’s funeral in Milltown Cemetery on Tuesday, June 15th, by Danny Morrison, a fellow activist who served time in the Cages of Long Kesh alongside Seando. Seando’s story is a story about him, his family, and the community which was crucial…

Remembering the Past (Free article)

2 July 2010

Countdown to 2016 and beyond THE centenary of the 1916 Rising and the Proclamation of the Irish Republic is now six years away. In the decade ahead, the centenaries of pivotal events in Irish history prior to and after the Rising will be marked. These will provide a focus for many commemorative events, debates and publications while, as…

INTERNATIONAL: Venezuela’s drive for ‘21st century socialism’ BY SEÁN Ó FLOINN (Free article)

2 July 2010

Chávez takes ‘anti-people firms’ into public ownership DURING one his ‘Aló Presidente’ six-hour weekly state television shows packed with political announcements and revolutionary pronouncements, Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chávez announced plans to take over more private companies. In his 11-year tenure, Chávez has taken a host…

Media View – It takes a whole Village to... (Free article)

2 July 2010

BY ROBBIE SMYTH SINN FÉIN are not a “genuine” party of the Left in Ireland. They are ‘devilish, double-dealing Tories’. It would be wrong to say that Sinn Féin are overlooked in the current issue of Village magazine, dedicated to looking at Ireland’s “Left”. They are mentioned loads of times. Thirteen, in fact, and yes I counted each…

Ballymurphy’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ (Free article)

2 July 2010

BY LAURA FRIEL RELATIVES of 11 people killed by the same British Army regiment months before they went on to murder 14 civil rights marchers in Derry on Bloody Sunday have called for an international investigation into the killings. Over a period of three days in August 1971, 11 people were killed by the British Army’s Parachute Regiment in…

‘Tour of North’ passes peacefully but tensions raised by Orangemen at Drumcree (Free article)

2 July 2010

BY Peadar Whelan THIS YEAR’S ‘Tour of the North’ Orange Order parades passed off without serious incident despite Orangemen threatening protests and raising tension after being angered by a decision by the Parades Commission to ban them from marching through the nationalist Ardoyne and Dales area of north Belfast. The Parades Commission…

Bloody Sunday – British Prime Minister ‘deeply sorry’ (Free article)

2 July 2010

“I AM deeply patriotic,” British Prime Minister David Cameron told a hushed House of Commons after the publication of the Saville Inquiry Report. “I never want to believe anything bad about our country. I never want to call into question the behaviour of our soldiers and our army. But the conclusions of this report are absolutely clear.…

Journalist’s continuing smear campaign (Free article)

2 July 2010

BY Art Mac Eoin AN article by Jim Cusack in the Sunday Independent of June 13th, the substance of which was repeated in the Belfast Telegraph and the Sunday World, has attempted to link republicans to an alleged forgery operation discovered by gardaí in Borris in Ossory, County Laois. Cusack, notorious for his sensationalist anti-Sinn…

Around the Oireachtas (Free article)

2 July 2010

Ex-Taoisigh and Sindo exposed, Head Shops Bill won’t work, Audit the auditors, Ferris on ‘pints and paninis’ and Doherty defends Donegal hospitals

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