16 June 2020 Edition

Football freedom fighters

16 June 2020

The first inescapable conclusion from reading Ronnie Close’s Cairo Ultras was the need to rethink the idea and meaning of being a football fan. I know many diehard soccer fans, from Sinn Fein councillor Larry O’Toole’s devotion to Bohemians and some friends and colleagues who are waiting in expectant righteousness for Liverpool’s first premiership. And then there are the myriad of republicans who have an unconditional support for Glasgow Celtic. Free article

A remarkable Irish revolutionary

16 June 2020

Liam Mellows – Soldier of the Irish Republic – Selected Writings 1914-1922 

By Conor McNamara. Published by Irish Academic Press, €18.95.

As I was finishing this book both Mícheál Martin and Leo Varadkar were in the news for again trying to rubbish the idea of an Irish Unity referendum. They demonstrated how prophetic were the words of Liam Mellows in his Dáil speech against the... Free article

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