1 May 1997 Edition

Bloody Sunday libel case ``biggest ever''

1 May 1997

IN WHAT COULD BE THE biggest libel case to be heard in Ireland, relatives of the Bloody Sunday dead have instructed solicitors to initiate court proceedings against Dublin newspapers, the Irish Times and the Sunday Independent. Free article

Orange marches tension rising

1 May 1997

The new British Government got a foretaste of the looming trouble from Orange marches at the weekend when again the RUC was forced to stop Apprentice Boys marchers and a handful of supporters from parading down the lower end of the Nationalist Ormeau Road. Free article

Focus of McAliskey campaign shifts to Germany

1 May 1997

Roisin McAliskey will soon enter her seventh month in captivity. Wheelchair-bound and still lacking adequate medical attention, it is clear that she will give birth while in custody. The Roisín McAliskey Justice Campaign are now calling on the German authorities to make their position clear and drop opposition to bail. Free article

£100 million losses from IRA actions

1 May 1997

Britain's transport industry has claimed a minimum of £30 million losses as a result of bomb alerts which seriously disrupted traffic in southern England on Tuesday 29 April. The Freight Transport Association said the continuing IRA campaign could eventually cost as much as £100 million, push up transport costs and discourage foreign investment. Free article

War through occupation

1 May 1997

Special report from Mary Maguire in Bosnia. Free article

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Sinn Féin office targeted

1 May 1997

THE FIFTH LOYALIST BOMB IN as many weeks outside a Sinn Féin centre ``will not deflect or intimidate the party from the task of seeking Irish national self-determination'', Gerry Adams told An Phoblacht after a 100 pound loyalist bomb failed to explode outside the party's Falls Road headquarters on Monday 28 April. Free article

Collusion claim in Derry

1 May 1997

Sinn Fein Derry councillor Gearoid O'hEara has challenged the RUC to explain their presence in Shantallow, Derry, shortly before a bomb explosion outside the local Sinn Fein centre in the early hours of Monday 21 April. According to an eyewitness, the area had an unusually high RUC presence. Free article

Nationalists in fear in Portadown

1 May 1997

A Portadown man is fighting for his life in the Royal Victoria Hospital following a savage beating at the hands of a group of 30 loyalists last Saturday night 26 April. Free article

Bawnmore men on death list

1 May 1997

The RUC has told five men from the Bawnmore area of North Belfast that they are on a loyalist death list. One of the men, who asked to remain anonymous, said that at least two of the five had previously been targeted by loyalist death squads. One was lucky to escape with his life when a gunman tried to shoot him in his car while in the second case a gun gang raked the man's home with up to 60 shots. Free article

RIR assault Short Strand nationalists

1 May 1997

MEMBERS OF THE RIR AND RUC were involved in a series of assaults on Short Strand nationalists in the early hours of Saturday 26 April which left one man with a broken arm. Free article

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