20 February 1997 Edition

Gossip hides domestic violence

20 February 1997

Hello magazine must have lost sales last week as gossip addicts tuned into the RTE newsroom for an altogether cheaper fix in the form of the Michelle Rocca case. Free article

Joyriding death result of ``indifference''

20 February 1997

The death of an 11-year-old boy during a `joyriding' accident has been blamed on official neglect and ``years of indifference''. Free article

Refuse strike hits 66,000 homes

20 February 1997

Over sixty six thousand homes and businesses in the South Dublin Council area face their second week without refuse collections as 120 refuse workers continue their 13 day strike. Free article

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Tenants picketed in Dublin housing row

20 February 1997

A new tenant who benefited from Dublin Corpotation's housing policy was picketed by a local residents' association last week. The picket marks a deterioration in the brewing row over the Corporation policy of purchasing houses in `private' estates. Free article

John Davey remembered

20 February 1997

THE EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY of the death of Sinn Féin councillor John Davey was marked in Lavey cemetery in South Derry last Sunday 16 February. Free article

Fógraí bháis

20 February 1997

Alec Fullerton Free article

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