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3 March 2013 Edition

The horse whisperers

3 March 2013

“THE SIMPLE FACT is that food cannot be seen as a cheap commodity,” says Mark Price, Managing Director of the Waitrose supermarket chain. Price’s comments have resonated through Europe since the ‘horsegate’ saga began in Ireland in January. Free article

‘Fork to farm’ traceability helps stop food chain scandals

3 March 2013

ALTHOUGH any criminal investigation into contamination points of origin in the horse meat scandal is in the competency of individual states and must be pursued, the major supermarket chains cannot escape their responsibility for creating the conditions which encourage such criminality. Free article

Cén chaoi gur tháinig Fianna Fáil ar ais?

3 March 2013

NÍ NACH íonadh tá ríméad ar Fhianna Fáil go leiríonn na pobalbhreitheanna go bhfuil an páirtí ar ais sa gcéad áit sa stát, agus meqarbhall ar thráchtairí polaitíochta faoi cén chaoi a tharla sé. Premium service article

Scotland: Impacting on the narrative of sectarianism

3 March 2013

THE Scottish Ministerial Advisory Group on Tackling Sectarianism, headed by Dr Duncan Morrow, the former chair of the NI Community Relations Council, is now entering its sixth month of activity. Whilst Dr Morrow hails from a well-trodden liberal path in the Six Counties, where deep-rooted political divisions are often dismissed as being of a religious and thereby ‘sectarian’ nature, his presence in Scotland and the group he chairs should not be entirely dismissed by republicans. Free article

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The Civil War in Cabra

3 March 2013

NICKY KEHOE was a Sinn Féin councillor for Dublin North Inner City (including his home patch of Cabra) from 1999 to 2007. In 2002, he was just 74 votes from winning a Dáil seat in Dublin Central, coming third in first-preference votes in a constituency where the (then highly popular) Taoiseach Bertie Ahern habitually topped the poll. Nicky retired from frontline politics in 2007 but has remained a committed republican. In this extended ‘Remembering the Past’, Nicky looks back at the Civil War murders in 1923 of two young men in his Cabra neighbourhood by shadowy Free State forces waging a dirty war against the IRA. Free article

An Chinsireacht agus Cruinneshamhail na nÉireannach

3 March 2013

NÍ MÉ CÉARD a déarfadh an gnáth-Éireannach, más ann dó féin, dá gcuirfí an cheist air, an bhfuil mórán den chinsireacht i bhfeidhm sna 26 Chontae ó dheighilt na hÉireann i leith? Premium service article

What colour is the future?

3 March 2013

WATCHING ENGLAND beat Ireland in the Six Nations rugby international was not a pretty sight. But it wasn’t a completely wasted afternoon. Free article

Fianna Fáil – Not fit for government

3 March 2013

SO MÍCHEÁL MARTIN, flush with his recent opinion poll numbers, says he won’t form a coalition with Sinn Féin. Is he having a laugh? Does he really think that Sinn Féin is interested in participating in a government led by his party? Free article

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