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2 June 2013 Edition

SMEs and EU funding

2 June 2013

SINCE the inception of the European Peace Fund initiative, the North has seen the funding of over 22,000 projects, benefiting hundreds of thousands of people. But it is not just Peace Funds that have assisted projects across Ireland. Free article

This is Don Baker

2 June 2013

DON BAKER is a remarkable man. Not just in terms of his musical talent (Bono called him “the greatest harmonica player in the world”) but in his fight to emerge from an early life in Dublin’s inner city dominatd by TB, an alcoholic father, juvenile crime and a brutal incarceration in an industrial school run by the Catholic Church. Don Baker is a survivor. He spoke to JOHN HEDGES as he releases a new number on iTunes – ‘Woe to the Holy Vow’. Free article

North’s economy under attack from Westminster

2 June 2013

A NUMBER OF WEEKS AGO, myself and Peter Robinson met with the British Prime Minister David Cameron in Downing Street. It was one of only a handful of meetings that have taken place since the Tory/Liberal Democrats coalition came into power. Free article

Hands off the licence fee!

2 June 2013

THERE has been a growing campaign by private business interests to get a share of public funding from the TV and radio licence fee to boost the profits of their commercial broadcast companies. Free article

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – ‘Sinn Féin wins hands down’

2 June 2013

A NEW REPORT by into the use of social media and online content by the four main parties in the 26 Counties shows Sinn Féin easily leading the pack. Free article

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Justice Inspectorate indicts PSNI restructuring

2 June 2013

THE PSNI stands accused of “incoherent and in many cases indefensible decision-making” from the latest report by the Criminal Justice Inspectorate watchdog, Sinn Féin Policing spokesperson Gerry Kelly MLA says. Premium service article

Travelling with Austerity

2 June 2013

PAVEE POINT recently launched a report, ‘Travelling with Austerity’, which documents the cuts to Travellers, Traveller projects and services since 2008. The report was commissioned because we had concerns about the impact of austerity on Travellers and on Traveller community development projects. Free article

Youth unemployment a threat to our future

2 June 2013

ONE of the most worrying consequences of the economic downturn across the EU but particularly in Ireland is the sharp rise in youth unemployment levels North and South, hitting all-time highs. Free article

Volunteer Hugh Hehir 25th Anniversary Commemoration, County Clare

2 June 2013

THE largest attendance in many years was in Clarecastle, County Clare, on 5 May to mark the 25th anniversary of the death on active service of Volunteer Hugh Hehir. Free article

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