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6 January 2013 Edition

Dublin Sinn Féin appoints new LGBT officer

6 January 2013

DUBLIN SINN FÉIN is starting the New Year by appointing an LGBT officer to form a group of activists to develop policy, campaign and raise awareness of issues affecting the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people and their families. Free article

Labour Left needs to present a complete alternative

6 January 2013

COLM KEAVENEY’S action in voting against the Government and his own party’s role in creating a Budget that is rightly condemned as unfair and unjust reveals that perhaps not all Labour TDs can be tarred with the same ‘right-wing, unprincipled’ brush. Premium service article

Turf wars: ‘Trying to bulldoze communities into submission will not work’

6 January 2013

THE Fine Gael/Labour Government has a six-month window to negotiate a settlement with Ireland’s protesting turf cutters. Turf cutters in Laois, Offaly, Roscommon, Longford, Westmeath and Galway (and to a lesser extent in Leitrim, Cavan, Meath, Clare, Kerry, Tipperary and Kildare) are protecting a generations-old tradition and dependency on the natural fuel. Premium service article

Economic illiteracy, EU style

6 January 2013

CRIPPLING AUSTERITY and unlimited bank bail-outs have been the sole focus of policy in the EU. The consequences of these policies are rising unemployment, declining growth, mortgage distress, emigration, inequality, poverty – a downward spiral of social, economic and political stability. Free article

David Rabelo sentenced to 18 years

6 January 2013

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey recently visited a jailed Colombian human rights and trade union activist who has highlighted collusion between the military, police and right-wing death squads Free article

Fás leanúnach le mothú don Ghaeilge i nDaonáireamh 2011

6 January 2013

LÉIRÍONN DAONÁIREAMH 2011 sna Sé Chontae go bhfuil fás leanúnach ann i líon na ndaoine a bhfuil cumas sa Ghaeilge acu ó bhí 2001 ann. Free article

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The conflict and ‘Aftermath’

6 January 2013

Laurence McKeown is currently Co-ordinator of the ‘Aftermath’ project in County Louth which looks at the experiences of victims/survivors and those displaced by the conflict. He spoke to An Phoblacht about what he is hoping to achieve in the ‘Aftermath’ project. Free article

‘It could be people like you or me who have hit hard times’

6 January 2013

MORE AND MORE PEOPLE are finding themselves homeless and living on the streets of Ireland. Despite the increased demand this places on charitable organisations, very little extra state funding has been released to help them deal with the surge in demand. Various groups deliver food and dry clothing to people living rough. An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY went out with Dublin City Sinn Féin on a soup run one rain-soaked Sunday night. Free article

A decade of anniversaries

6 January 2013

THE DECADE of anniversaries is finally upon us – this being specifically the centenary of the Irish revolutionary period of 1913 to 1923. These years wrought enormous political and social change, not only in Ireland but also in the rest of Europe and the world at large. Free article

Pitch battles against bigotry

6 January 2013

RACISM in sport used to be an issue most associated with soccer in England and mainland Europe. In recent weeks, though, racism has again hit the headlines here in Ireland. Free article

Nick Furlong, Wexford

6 January 2013

THE DEATH of Nick Furlong (1926-2012) in Wexford General Hospital on 1 November severs another direct link with the tragic and bitter IRA campaign of the 1940s in County Wexford. Free article

Rita McNally, Armagh

6 January 2013

RITA McNALLY sadly passed away in the early hours of Sunday 18 November following a short illness. Her funeral, which was attended by hundreds of mourners, took place two days later from her home in Armagh to Clady Chapel, where she was buried in the family plot. Free article

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