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30 September 2012 Edition

Inside the An Phoblacht Archives 2002

30 September 2012

SUBSCRIBERS to An Phoblacht will eventually be able to access all our available archives online at which are in the process of being digitalised – a labour-intensive and time-consuming process but one which we are progressing as quickly as we can. At the moment we have succeeded in putting online editions from 2012 back to 2001 (as well as back issues of IRIS – The Republican Magazine) and here we take a look back at what was in An Phoblacht – then published weekly – a decade ago, in the year 2002. Free article

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The Hillsborough Tragedy, 1989 – Playing games with the truth

30 September 2012

‘A SUDDEN and striking realisation.’ That’s the definition of an epiphany. Which is precisely what happened as I was giving two friends a lift down the Falls Road within days of the Hillsborough disaster report being published. Free article

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