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24 November 2022 Edition

The threshold of a new era

24 November 2022

Acentury ago, Ireland was being pulled apart, not just physically partitioned, but spiritually and socially also, as the republican ideal was usurped in favour of a conservative, elitist, class-based distortion of what a free equal Ireland should have been. Free article

Liam Mellows: the revolutionary legacy

24 November 2022

In ‘The Gates Flew Open’, Peadar O’Donnell’s inspirational memoir of his days as a Republican prisoner during the Civil War, Liam Mellows is described as “the richest mind our race had achieved for many a long day”. Others testified to the magnetism of his personality and his ability to motivate and to organise, as well as his deep thinking and profound commitment to the cause of the Irish Republic. Free article

The Mellows I knew

24 November 2022

This article first appeared in An Phoblacht in December 1932, ten years after the execution of Liam Mellows. Nora Connolly O’Brien, daughter of James Connolly and a revolutionary in her own right, was a close friend of Liam Mellows. She died in 1981 after a life of activism, including supporting the protesting Republican prisoners in the H-Blocks and Armagh Prison up to the time of her last illness. Free article

The riddle of the rebel

24 November 2022

“It was Erskine’s sniff that got him shot.” So remarked one who “knew and loved him well”. And perhaps there is truth in such a devastating verdict. For Erskine Childers was often an outsider, even among friends. Free article

Irish unity will create the best future for all citizens

24 November 2022

“This is a unique moment where we can choose to build a new nation which is fit for these turbulent times”. Ben Collins whose new book 'Irish Unity Time to Prepare' has just been published makes the case for a unity referendum from the perspective of someone who grew up in a unionist background. Free article

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Lula returns as President of Brazil

24 November 2022

Luiz Ignácio Lula da Silva was elected President of Brazil on 30 October, beating the right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro by two million votes in the second round. The result was narrow – 50.9% to 49.1% -and the campaign was both dirty and violent. Free article

The long road for women’s equality in Irish sport

24 November 2022

GAA and soccer player Laura Carroll celebrates the achievement of the women’s national soccer team in qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. She also tells the story of the many challenges faced by women players along this journey from the margins to the centre of Irish sport, and highlights what still needs to be done for equality in sport Free article

Croílár na Gluaiseachta

24 November 2022

Agus barr an chnoic bainte amach againn, ligeamar osna mór faoisimh asainn agus sinn báite inár gcuid allais. Tar éis m’anáil a tharraingt cúpla babhta, do chas mé timpeall agus chaitheas tamall ag féachaint ar an éacht a bhí bainte amach againn. Free article

Christmas books - Leabhair Nollag

24 November 2022

It is wholly untrue that republicans are difficult to buy Christmas presents for. And yes, there was the incident where your significant other thought it would be funny to buy you Boris Johnson’s 2007 ‘The Dream of Rome’ or Philip Ryan and Niall O’Connor’s 2018 Leo Varadkar biography. That was definitely a Christmas present fail. Free article

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