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27 January 2022 Edition

The shared histories we must acknowledge

27 January 2022

History – personal, political, controversial and challenging is a key feature in this issue of An Phoblacht. Free article

The intelligence war against the IRA

27 January 2022

Thomas Leahy’s book on the intelligence war against the IRA provides a comprehensive and critical analysis of this aspect of the conflict. Peadar Whelan delves into the details of Leahy’s work, triggering his own personal analysis of Britain’s dirty war in Ireland Free article

Warriors of patience and time

27 January 2022

Jim Gibney reviews Laurence McKeown’s H-Block memoir Free article

The long journey of Unmanageable Revolutionaries

27 January 2022

To mark the publishing of a new edition of ‘Unmanageable Revolutionaries: Women and Irish Nationalism 1880-1980’, Margaret Ward writes of the journey she and her work has taken since the book was first published in 1983. Free article

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Armoured cars and tanks and bans

27 January 2022

Songs have always played an important role in the struggle for Irish freedom. 50 years ago, as the republican struggle entered a new phase of resistance to British rule in the Six Counties, republican ballads became widely popular and were even chart hits. Governments soon clamped down and rebel songs disappeared from the airwaves. These conventions are still in force today. Jason Lambert takes a wry look back. Free article

Remembering Jack Clafferty: The legacy of republican art

27 January 2022

The creative spirit of republican struggle has been marked in words, song, poetry, and everything else from posters and wall murals to Christmas cards and bodhráns. Free article

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