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18 February 2021 Edition

There is no going back

18 February 2021

As we were putting together this edition of An Phoblacht, an overarching theme emerged. A common refrain was evident in a series of declarations from writers that in this critical and unprecedented time – ‘there is no going back!’ Free article

Fullerton family’s 30 year campaign for justice

18 February 2021

Justice, to paraphrase William Butler Yeats, comes dropping slow. And especially slow for republicans. All too often, it does not come at all. That, sadly, has been the reality for the family of Eddie Fullerton, a Sinn Féin councillor in Donegal shot dead by a UDA gang 30 years ago. Free article

Moore Street - developers’ folly or 1916 Cultural Quarter?

18 February 2021

““What’s happening with Moore Street?” is a question often asked and not surprisingly as years pass and this historic area of Dublin City Centre continues to decline, seemingly stuck fast in a planning and political stalemate. Free article

The road to the New Ireland

18 February 2021

The connection between the appalling treatment of women and children in the 26 Counties over the past century by the Church and the State and the sectarianism of the Six-County State, bloodily birthed 100 years ago, may seem tenuous or contrived. Free article

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Beneath a Rebel flag in the heart of the Empire

18 February 2021

On 25 October 2020, one hundred years after his death, a small gathering of London-based Irish republicans assembled outside Brixton Prison to remember, the Lord Mayor of Cork, Terence MacSwiney. Free article

Postcards from a New Republic

18 February 2021

The ‘Postcards from the New Republic’ series is a hat tip to British designer, artist, entrepreneur and Socialist William Morris’s News from Nowhere series of articles from 1890 published in the Commonweal, the newspaper of the Socialist League and set in a distant future where Morris’s socialist, and romantic, utopia has been secured. Our story’s protagonists are Willa Ní Chuairteoir and Lucy Byrne accompanied by their four children James, Afric, Banba, and Alroy who together enjoy and endure the equity and exigency of the future’s New Republic. Free article

Stolen goods will always be Stolen goods

18 February 2021

Moai are the monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. Weighing four tonnes, one of these monumental statues has stood inside the door of the British Museum for 150 years. The Elgin Marbles and the Benin Bronzes are other well-known artefacts that share a common thread; local people want them returned and campaigners are calling for their repatriation. Free article

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