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18 August 2019 Edition

Long road travelled, long road ahead

18 August 2019

In the aftermath of the EU and local elections across Ireland it is necessary and right to take stock and analyse the Sinn Féin performance. However, in this month of August 2019, there is a need to look also at the road republican activists have travelled over a much longer arc of history. Free article

The British Media and Operation Banner

18 August 2019

From the early days of the Civil Rights Movement to Bloody Sunday, events in Ireland dominated the British media. In subsequent years the British policy of ‘Normalisation’ and ‘Ulsterisation’ created active strategies to contain and censor reporting of the conflict in Ireland. Professor Roy Greenslade turns towards one critical chapter in the conflict – British print media reporting of the early weeks of British troops deployed on the streets of Northern Ireland. Free article

The point of no return

18 August 2019

In August 1969 the Six Counties erupted in civil unrest and loyalist pogrom as the Orange state came apart at the seams. Nationalists were no longer prepared to endure discrimination and second-class citizenship, and the only answer the statelet had for the demands of its oppressed minority was violence and repression. Free article

The Northern Crisis as seen from the South

18 August 2019

The 50th anniversary of the crisis of August 1969 should not be seen solely in the context of the Six Counties. This was a crisis that shook all of Ireland and had reverberations among the Irish across the world. It roused public opinion to support Northern nationalists, it both divided and revived the Republican Movement and caused a rift that nearly toppled the Fianna Fáil government. Free article

Challenging times ahead in European parliament

18 August 2019

Sinn Féin had a spectacular result in the European election in 2014, electing 4 MEPs – the first time any single party had ever been elected to represent every part of Ireland in the European Parliament. Five years on it’s useful to recall this fact – not by way of diverting from disappointment about the 2019 result, but in order to provide a bit of context. Free article

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Postcards from a New Republic

18 August 2019

The ‘Postcards from the New Republic’ series is a hat tip to British designer, artist, entrepreneur and Socialist William Morris’s News from Nowhere series of articles from 1890 published in the Commonweal, the newspaper of the Socialist League and set in a distant future where Morris’s socialist, and romantic, utopia has been secured. Our story’s protagonists are Willa Ní Chuairteoir and Lucy Byrne accompanied by their four children James, Afric, Banba and Alroy who together enjoy and endure the equity and exigency of the future’s New Republic. Free article

Foghlaimeoirí Gaeilge faoi mhíbhuntáiste

18 August 2019

Easpa Acht Gaeilge, Na Míbhuntáistí do Pháistí an Ghaeloideachais Sna Sé Chontae agus Rialtas a Chothaíonn An Bac – Dearcadh Príomhoide Gaelscoile Free article

GUE/NGL 10 key demands for new EU top-job holders

18 August 2019

Another Europe is possible |Treo eile don Eoraip – Funded by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) Free article

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