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4 September 2017 Edition

Whitehall knew all about notorious UVF/RUC/UDR death squad, ex-member says

4 September 2017

BRITISH GOVERNMENT officials, Military Intelligence and MI5 all knew about the notorious Glenanne Gang unionist death squad that committed over 100 murders in Mid Ulster in the 1970s, one of its key members has said. Free article

What would Thomas Davis think now?

4 September 2017

I’M CERTAIN that Thomas Davis would have been on Twitter. And I reckon that the 19th century political activist, writer, Young Irelander and co-founder of The Nation newspaper would have had a Facebook page and followers on Instagram and Snapchat too. Premium service article

The struggles and politics of Travellers in neoliberal Ireland

4 September 2017

ON 1 MARCH 2017, Traveller ethnicity was officially recognised by the Irish Government. This decision lagged almost two decades behind both Britain and the Six Counties. Free article

Comortas? Mó Thóin!

4 September 2017

SÉ ‘COMORTAS’ an focal reatha ag trachtairí eacnamaíochta, agus réiteach é dar leó ar gach fadb eacnamaíochta freisin. Free article

The Smashing of the Van – 150th anniversary

4 September 2017

THOMAS KELLY was a native of County Galway who emigrated to the United States, joined the Irish nationalist Emmet Monument Association, worked as a printer, and enlisted in the Union Army at the start of the American Civil War. He rose to the rank of colonel and after the war became involved in the Fenian movement. Free article

Another Europe is possible – Treo eile don Eoraip

4 September 2017

‘Precious’ Irish Peace Process must be preserved in Brexit trade talks, ‘We will protect Good Friday Agreement’ – EU Brexit negotiator, Ní Riada calls for action plan for improving living and working conditions, Fishing U-turn, EU in Tel Aviv pulls its video featuring ‘wipe out Gaza’ advocate, Police spying on activist groups – European Parliament event and Sellafield fears delivered to nuclear safety chief Free article

Bahrain ex-MP tells An Phoblacht of British ally’s state repression

4 September 2017

BAHRAIN has long been a state where the ruling Al-Khalifa monarchy has maintained a status quo of elitism, corruption and brutal oppression. A heightened crackdown on human rights defenders, journalists and activists has been felt throughout the grassroots of the Bahraini civil rights movement over the past year. Free article

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Always coming home

4 September 2017

As rural Ireland is gradually stripped of its natural resources, ROBERT ALLEN discovers why a coastal management scheme that promised protection never got off the ground Premium service article

That man Myers again and easy rides at RTÉ

4 September 2017

THE ONLY SURPRISE regarding the ignominious end to the Sunday Times career of Kevin Myers is that it took so long for him to be given the elbow by one of the so-called ‘quality’ titles that gave him a platform for his poison over many years. It’s a shame, however, that it took a decision in London rather than Dublin to finally put a halt to his privileged, public outpourings. Free article

‘H3’ screened in Italy for Hunger Strike Commemoration

4 September 2017

THE HUNGER STRIKE film H3 was recently screened as part of the annual Assunta Festival in Vernante, a small town in north-west Italy Free article

Minority Reporter: Scotland’s Bad Attitude Towards Her Own Irish

4 September 2017

WE TOOK STICK for publishing Minority Reporter by Phil Mac Giolla Bháin. It wasn’t just that the author had previously written Downfall: How Rangers FC Self-Destructed, or that he supported Celtic. It was more than these things. Free article

Struggle or Starve: Working-Class Unity in Belfast’s 1932 Outdoor Relief Riots

4 September 2017

Struggle or Starve: Working-Class Unity in Belfast’s 1932 Outdoor Relief Riots. By Seán Mitchell. Haymarket Books £14.99 Free article

Civil War capital reading and Unionist mask slips

4 September 2017

The Civil War In Dublin: The Fight For The Irish Capital 1922 - 1924 and UVF – Behind The Mask Free article

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