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1 September 2015 Edition

The war is over – the IRA is gone

1 September 2015

THE KILLING of Gerard 'Jock' Davison was wrong and was carried out by criminal elements. The killing of Kevin McGuigan was wrong and carried out by criminal elements. These killings have nothing to do with republicanism. Those involved must be brought before the courts and justice served. Free article

Two years in an Egyptian prison

1 September 2015

IT IS NOW TWO YEARS since Tallaght teenager Ibrahim Halawa was arrested by Egyptian security forces in the aftermath of the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi in a military coup. If convicted, he could face the death penalty. Premium service article

Unpaid work should not be allowed to become the norm

1 September 2015

IN FEBRUARY of this year, a collection of activists from different trade unions, Sinn Féin, the Connolly Youth Movement and the Unite Youth Activist Group formed ‘Work Must Pay’ in response to the JobBridge scheme. Free article

Dr Kathleen Lynn

1 September 2015

ONE of the most prominent and significant women of the 1916 Rising who went on to play a lifelong progressive role in Ireland was Dr Kathleen Lynn. Free article

Baintear leas polaitiuil anois as tacaíocht an phobail don Ghaeilge

1 September 2015

NÍ THUGANN na páirtithe bunaíochta aon aird air, is ní thugann na meáin ach an oiread, ach léiríonn an suirbhée is deireannaí faoi dhearcadh an phobail i leith na Gaeilge go gcreideann móramh an phobail san oilean ar fad go mbeadh féiniúlacht na tire caillte dá n-imeódh an Ghaeilge – 64% ó dheas agus 33% ó thuaidh ( mar gheall ar an seasamh oscailte diúltach ag na páirtithe Aontachta. Free article

1916 centenary drive for Sinn Féin National Draw

1 September 2015

THE O’Donovan Rossa Funeral re-enactment Commemoration staged by Sinn Féin was such a success that even the Irish Independent group appropriated photographs of the inspirational and colourful event to illustrate reports of the state’s lacklustre ceremony and make it look better. Free article

Building a bridge – Glen Barr

1 September 2015

GLEN BARR OBE – senior political spokesperson for the Ulster Defence Association (1973-1976 and 1977-1981), Chair of Ulster Workers’ Council strike in 1974, which brought down the power-sharing Executive led by Brian Faulkner – writes for An Phoblacht Free article

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Republicans and the reconciliation debate – Seán Oliver

1 September 2015

From a Presbyterian background in north Belfast, Seán Oliver has been a Sinn Féin activist since the later 1980s Free article

Another Europe is possible – Treo eile don Eoraip

1 September 2015

Eurostat ruling eliminates economic argument for Irish Water, Call for ‘Boycott Israel’ campaign to aid Palestinian prisoners, Deaf community deserve equal treatment and Dublin MEP visits Ibrahim Halawa in Egypt as he enters third year in jail Free article

The Wild Atlantic Way

1 September 2015

DRIVING the scary descent from the Connor Pass is a Dantesque scenario for travellers who have never witnessed such a panoramic vista – mountains, fields and sands morphing into a bluegreen chimera that holds the past and present in its fiery breath. Premium service article

Féile an Phobail – Festival of the People

1 September 2015

AS FÉILE AN PHOBAIL brings the curtain down on its 27th year, An Phoblacht’s PEADAR WHELAN looks back on what gives Féile its unique character. He recalls the roots of Féile in the bloody events of March 1988 while also comparing the positivity of Féile and its objectives to the negativity of the unionist ‘marching season’ and Eleventh Night bonfires, and the anti-community actions of those burning fires in nationalist areas on 9 August under the guise of commemorating internment. Premium service article

Book Reviews

1 September 2015

A Terrible Beauty – Poetry of 1916 and The Bloody Trail of Imperialism: The Origins of the First World War Free article

Bridie McMahon, Belfast

1 September 2015

THERE was widespread shock at news of the sudden death of ex-Armagh prisoner and Sinn Féin activist Bridie McMahon on holiday in Portugal with family and friends in August. Free article

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