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3 August 2015 Edition

The National Hunger Strike Commemoration

3 August 2015

THE HUNGER STRIKE is the pinnacle of resistance demonstrated by Irish republican prisoners down the decades of Irish history. Free article

Collusion – Belfast to Bahrain

3 August 2015

SINCE 2011, Bahrain has seen plenty of political turmoil with many of its citizens calling for reform, democracy and universal suffrage. The Shia majority within the state is marginalised and treated as second-class citizens in strong contrast with the Sunni minority, the same religion as the royal family. Since this began to occur, the level of harassment and attacks that Shia Muslims have faced at the hands of pro-government militias has increased tenfold. We can see history repeating itself and comparisons between the North of Ireland during the 1970s/1980s and Bahrain today. Free article

What lessons should we learn from the Greek defeat?

3 August 2015

THE CAPITULATION of the Greek Government to the completely vindictive and unrealistic demands of the European Union and the Eurozone finance ministers has naturally been seized upon by reactionaries here to pretend that this proves there is no alternative to austerity. Premium service article

Shocked, disorientated and in mourning

3 August 2015

THE WISDOM OF TAXI DRIVERS is almost universal, and Athens is no exception. Again and again, taxi drivers told the same story. They rubbished the deal imposed on Greece by her creditors but believed that Alexis Tsipras was their best hope. Premium service article

Sinn Féin shows leadership attending British Legion remembrance ceremony

3 August 2015

SINN FÉIN figures – Assembly Speaker Mitchel McLaughlin, Belfast Mayor Arder Carson and Ard-Mhéara Bhaile Átha Cliath Críona Ní Dhálaigh – laid wreaths at a ceremony in Dublin in July to commemorate the dead of the first and second World Wars. Free article

Tá teipthe ar fheachtas Uisce Éireann

3 August 2015

LE TAMALL fada anois tá an rialtas ag aiarraidh dallamullóg a chur orainn go bhfuil ag éirí le hUisce Eireann, to bhfuil daoine ag glacadh leis an argóint go gcaithfí na táillí uisce a íoc. Free article

Lessons for Irish progressives from Greece and Spain

3 August 2015

SYRIZA took power in Greece; Podemos has risen to prominence in Spain. The following outlines six lessons that I believe progressives in Ireland should consider to be successful electorally. Premium service article

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Dundalk Women’s Refuge

3 August 2015

A YEAR AGO it looked like the Dundalk Women’s Refuge County Louth would be forced to close due to massive cuts which saw their budget slashed by up to 75%. A ‘Government National Directive’ to the local authority decimated the Section 10 funding to the Refuge, making it impossible for them to continue as a frontline service for women and children experiencing domestic and sexual violence. Free article

Unsung Heroes

3 August 2015

Julia Carney is back – 'The Greatest Political Leader Ireland Has Ever Known' Free article

Banded hours contracts Bill published by Sinn Féin

3 August 2015

A SURVEY of Dunnes Stores workers carried out by the trade union Mandate earlier this year found that two thirds of the successful retail chain’s staff are on part-time flexible contracts, yet a whopping 98% of these workers want more weekly hours. Free article

James Connolly’s ‘Re-conquest of Ireland’

3 August 2015

DURING 1912 and 1913, when it seemed that Home Rule for Ireland would come about, James Connolly was working on his vision of how the trade union movement could bring about a new society. This work was expanded and became a book which Connolly published in 1915 and called The Re-conquest of Ireland. It is a major statement, setting out many of Connolly’s key ideas. Premium service article

Another Europe is possible – Treo eile don Eoraip

3 August 2015

MEPs ignore European public’s opposition to TTIP, EU should not fund Israeli groups in breach of international law, Youth unemployment delegation in Brussels, European Council calls on Britain to support Irish language rights . . . and more Free article

New statesmen and old media mores

3 August 2015

ROBBIE SMYTH on how the mainstream media are reporting – or misreporting – Greece Free article

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