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2 February 2015 Edition

The tipping point to secure political power for change

2 February 2015

Sinn Féin National Chairperson calls for formal discussions on Irish Left alternative Free article

A vote for hope – Can Ireland emulate Greece?

2 February 2015

THE ELECTION LANDSLIDE achieved by SYRIZA in Greece represents a vote for hope over fear. This result opens up the real prospect of democratic change not just for the people of Greece but for citizens right across the EU. Sinn Féin has backed SYRIZA’s call for a European debt conference which is so clearly in Ireland’s interests. Free article

Building an alternative involves imagining an alternative

2 February 2015

IN IRELAND, during these years of crisis, we have witnessed unprecedented anger and alienation, a rising tide of protest, but paralysis in projecting and procuring an alternative. Free article

Le Chéile 2015

2 February 2015

Le Chéile, the annual event at which people’s contribution to the struggle for Irish freedom is honoured by the republican family, takes place on Saturday 7 March 2015 at 9:15pm in the City Hotel, Queen’s Quay, Derry. Free article

Whip system helps ensure electoral accountability

2 February 2015

SINN FÉIN Chief Whip Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD has come out powerfully in favour of the party whip system. Free article

Housing crisis in the North

2 February 2015

British Government cuts to the block grant puts pressure on the Northern Executive and in the housing sector ordinary people pay the price, says Fra McCann MLA Premium service article

A voice in a vote for the Irish overseas

2 February 2015

ALMOST 200,000 young people have left Ireland in the last six years. That’s a statistic. I am one of those people. I am more than a statistic. I am a citizen of Ireland. Free article

Irish above politics?

2 February 2015

MÁS FÍOR DONA pobalbhreitheanna, tá dream mor vótóirí – 30% nó mar sin – nach bhfuil sásta le haon cheanna dena mor-phairtithe polaitíochta ná, go fóill ar aon chuma sásta a muinín a chur sa rogha polaitiúil a mholann Sinn Féin. Premium service article

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Is Dr Varadkar in charge of a health service in freefall?

2 February 2015

THE controversy about record numbers of patients on trolleys is nothing new. Scandals involving dirty, understaffed hospitals and overworked frontline staff are old news here. Premium service article

All the news that’s fit to tweet

2 February 2015

CLICKBAIT, content marketing, social media news distribution and the remote possibility of a political news revolution – An Phoblacht looks into the dynamic online news world which is growing at such a pace that the traditional media have to jump on board the Facebook, Tweet and app express train. Premium service article

Ex-prisoners still marginalised, says QUB study

2 February 2015

AT A TIME when funding for groups supporting political ex-prisoners is under threat, a major new study into the experiences of republican POWs has found that they still face discrimination because of their convictions. Free article

Ballymurphy Massacre torture case for the Court of Appeal

2 February 2015

A MAN TORTURED during the Ballymurphy Massacre and who was subsequently convicted of riotous behaviour is to have his conviction referred back to the courts by the Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC). Free article

Leitrim’s Republican Story – A Tale worth telling

2 February 2015

LEITRIM is one of those places in republican history that some can contend to be ‘pound for pound’ the most republican county on this island. Some may disagree but the evidence would suggest otherwise, according to historian and former Irish Press Editor Tim Pat Coogan, who launched Leitrim’s Republican Story in Carrick-on-Shannon. Free article

IRA leaders Emmet Dalton and Frank Aiken

2 February 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Emmet Dalton: Somme Soldier, Irish General, Film Pioneer and Frank Aiken's War: The Irish Revolution 1916-23 Premium service article

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