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2 March 2014 Edition

Garda scandals reveal urgent need for change

2 March 2014

SINCE late 2012, many accusations have come into the public domain surrounding the practices of senior members of An Garda Síochána, including the alleged bugging of the offices of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and the whistleblower controversy. Free article

‘Water Meter Man’

2 March 2014

THERE’S a quiet revolution going on in the large west County Dublin suburb of Clonsilla. As Irish Water installs water meters as part of the Irish Government’s roll-out of water charges across the state, some residents are fighting back and refusing to allow contractors on to their property. Free article

Working for Ireland – not mouthpieces for austerity

2 March 2014

“THERE was a lot of anti-Irish sentiment, verging on bullying, by teachers as well as students in the school I was attending,” Matt says about his brief time living in the Welsh border town of Holywell when he was 11. “There was just three Irish students at the school and we got hell. I wasn’t from a republican family so I hadn’t really much sense of the situation.” Premium service article

In the interests of ‘the state’ or us?

2 March 2014

WE have heard Fine Gael/Labour Government Ministers and TDs explain the rationale for cuts like those made to child benefit, home-help hours, respite care grants and Special Needs Education as being in the best interests of ‘the state’. Premium service article

‘Labour should give partition the bitterest opposition’ – James Connolly

2 March 2014

When the plot to partition Ireland was first exposed in early 1914 it was condemned vehemently by James Connolly. On 14 March 1914, he wrote an article in the Irish Worker titled ‘Labour and the Proposed Partition of Ireland’. 100 years on, we reprint that article in full Free article

Centenary of the Curragh Mutiny

2 March 2014

IN THEIR opposition to Home Rule for Ireland during the crisis of 1912 to 1914, the unionists were backed by a large section of the British Establishment, including many senior British Army officers. Free article

Binding targets on greenhouse gas emissions make sense

2 March 2014

EU TARGETS were set in 2008 for a greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions reduction of 20% by 2020. Free article

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At Swim, Two Salmon

2 March 2014

‘Save Bantry Bay’ and ROBERT ALLEN on what’s following in the wake of Wolfe Tone and the United Irishmen Premium service article

Nuclear ‘gold rush’

2 March 2014

IT IS the equivalent of a new gold rush, lucrative to the tune of billions of euro and the only fools are the Irish people. Free article

Bad politics

2 March 2014

PEADAR WHELAN continues his review of the DUP and UUP leaderships’ pandering to the reactionary rump of unionism Premium service article

Young and old inspired by brave Volunteers

2 March 2014

FOR all the ‘old heads’, the old comrades, the long-term activists and the former POWs that attended the 30th anniversary commemoration of IRA Volunteers Henry Hogan and Declan Martin in Dunloy, County Antrim, on Sunday 23 February there were plenty of young people there too. Premium service article

‘A child of the Orange state and a veteran of Operation Harvest’

2 March 2014

OLD FACES, NEW FACES. Among the hundreds of republicans who flocked to St Mary’s Cemetery in Lavey, south Derry, on Sunday 16 February to mark the 25th annivrsary of the assassination of Sinn Féin Councillor John Davey were veteran republicans from across Derry, Antrim, Tyrone and further afield. Premium service article

James Connolly made accessible and a British Army record just incredible

2 March 2014

Book Reviews: James Connolly and the Reconquest of Ireland and Ground Truths: British Army Operations in the Irish War of Independence Free article

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