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24 July 2003 Edition

Putting private property first

24 July 2003

We at An Phoblacht's Parnell Square HQ had new neighbours last week, albeit very briefly, when a group of squatting anarchists with a point to make about the housing crisis moved into a building several doors down. Free article

Hutton appointment smacks of cover-up

24 July 2003

The announcement by British Prime Minister Tony Blair of a judicial inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly this week - to be headed up by Lord Hutton of Bresagh - has provided the requisite pause or, more accurately, a desperately needed breathing space, for Blair, Alasdair Campbell and the British Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon. However, Hutton's appointment, to those who know of his previous dealings in relation to the Six Counties, is likely to raise further questions over what is already a very murky and puzzling ordeal. Free article

Taylor threatens to scupper Agreement

24 July 2003

Leading Ulster Unionist John Taylor has threatened to scupper the entire Good Friday Agreement if the proposed Independent Monitoring Body (IMB( will include a nominee from the Dublin government. Free article

One duck a-limping...

24 July 2003

DAVID GRANVILLE, who is retiring as editor of the Connolly Association's newspaper, The Irish Democrat, writes in his final editorial of the current situationin the peace process. The Connolly Association, based in Britain, is supportive of the current peace process and continues to campaign for a united and independent Ireland and for the rights of the Irish in Britain. Granville, who has been in the post for the past seven and a half years, will continue to contribute to the paper and update the Irish Democrat website, which can be viewed at Free article

Loyalist killer honoured at Twelfth parade

24 July 2003

The Orange Order's reverence for loyalist killers was once again two weeks ago, on Saturday 12 July, as a new banner dedicated to UDA killer John Gregg was paraded during the Twelfth march through Glengormley, North Belfast. The banner was carried along by Gregg's sectarian band, the Cloughfern Young Conquerers, which took part in the Orange parade in Glengormley. Free article

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Off the rails

24 July 2003

It's been another crazy week in the ever-crazier world of PDnomics. Last week, we had Mary Harney blaming consumers for the retailers who rip us off. This week, we learned that the right to strike no longer exists. Free article

Sinn Féin sets out plan for North West economy

24 July 2003

On Monday, Sinn Féin elected representatives from the North West - Donegal, Derry, Tyrone, Sligo, Leitrim and Fermanagh - met in Derry to discuss the party's plans for the economic and political regeneration of the region. Free article

British Army firing more plastic bullets

24 July 2003

The British Army fired five times as many plastic bullets in 2002 as it did during the previous 12 months. Free article

Having a vision while living in the real world

24 July 2003

Obsession with ideological purity and the following of dogmas that don't suit objective conditions is a recipe for disaster. Successful revolutionaries combine pragmatism with determination and vision, argues SEáN Mac BRáDAIGH Free article

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