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10 July 2003 Edition

SF councillors call for end to FF/Labour abuse of Mayoral role

10 July 2003

Dublin Sinn Féin councillors on Monday night voted for Independent Cllr. Vincent Jackson to take on the role of new Mayor for Dublin. The councillors opposed the election of Fianna Fáil's Royston Brady, guaranteed because of a pact with Labour to share the top job. Free article

Another world is possible

10 July 2003

The World Social Forum, whose members included the millions who protested across the world against the Iraq War on 15 February; the hundreds of thousands of people who have tracked and protested at meetings of the G8, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, the IMF, from Seattle to Prague, Davos, Melbourne, to Genoa; the people who in their righteous defiance, may lend hope that a world other than our one dominated by corporate power is possible; the people who the New York Times, after 15 February, recognised as "the other superpower", launched an Irish chapter last weekend in Dublin. Free article

Jackie Griffith Commemorative weekend

10 July 2003

The annual Jackie Griffith commemorative weekend began this year with a public meeting in the Holiday Inn on Pearse Street in Dublin. Free article

One world or none

10 July 2003

"Grim statistics" and "shameful" facts was how Bertie Ahern described the findings of the UN Human Development report this week, which showed, apart from over a billion people living on less than a dollar a day, that the 26 Counties has still the second-highest level of poverty in the industrialised world. Free article

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10 July 2003

"Man's experience is human experience: women's experience is women's experience." Free article

Former women POWs to tell their stories

10 July 2003

In a unique and historic event, former women prisoners will tell their story of life and struggle in Armagh Womens' Prison from the early days of the conflict in the North in the 1970s up until the prison was closed down in the 1980s and the women were moved to Maghaberry Prison in County Antrim. Free article

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