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13 February 2017 Edition

February 1992 - A baptism of fire with 'An Phoblacht'

13 February 2017

WITH the 25th anniversaries of two of the most notorious incidents of the conflict falling in the first two weeks of February, PEADAR WHELAN looks back on his first week as an An Phoblacht/Republican News photo-journalist. It was a week that left nine nationalists dead in separate gun attacks across Belfast while, on the Fermanagh border, a young IRA Volunteer from Sligo, Joseph MacManus (22), died on active service, shot dead by a member of the British Army. Free article

Reconciliation and living a republican politic

13 February 2017

I BEGAN to write this article before Christmas in response to the relaunch of Sinn Féin’s policy document on reconciliation. Events in the North since then with the resignation of Martin McGuinness as deputy First Minister, thus precipitating the collapse of the Assembly at Stormont, could be said to now have made such an article redundant. I believe, however, for the purposes of political and intellectual clarity, that the subject should still be addressed. Free article

Society or the market – that’s the choice

13 February 2017

AS WE REEL from one apparently insoluble crisis to another, it is clear that our society and its political system are completely dysfunctional and unable to meet the needs of the Irish people. Free article

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Talking Irish with the DUP

13 February 2017

I SPOTTED a DUP adviser in a store off the M1 near Lisburn in the middle of December, Free article

A Tale of 2 Markets

13 February 2017

IN Marcel Pagnol’s Water of the Hills, Parisian taxman Jean de Florette inherits a farm and decides to seek the “authentic” with his wife and young daughter. He grows pumpkins to raise rabbits for the town market. His neighbour, Ugolin, harbours a dark secret and a desire to cultivate carnations for the same market. Free article

Fascism’s dark entertainment

13 February 2017

YOU CAN’T get away from him. He’s the elephant in the room – or the bull in the china shop. Free article

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