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1 October 2014 Edition

They do things differently there

1 October 2014

“THE PAST is a foreign country, they do things differently there,” is the opening line of L. P. Hartley’s novel The Go-Between. The sentence kept coming back to me as I thought about the interview I’d carried out with Colombian trade unionist and human rights activist Martha Diaz. Free article

What is really going on in Ukraine?

1 October 2014

IRISH PEOPLE, particular those of a nationalist persuasion (that is the majority of us), tend naturally to look favourably on the struggles of other small nations for independence, be it Scotland, Catalonia or wherever. Premium service article

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The GPO and ‘Germany calling’

1 October 2014

BOOK REVIEWS: The GPO: 200 Years of History, Hitler’s Irish Voices: The story of German radio’s wartime Irish service Premium service article

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