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3 November 2013 Edition

Tá sé thar am éirí as an euro

3 November 2013

TÁ SÉ THAR am éirí as an euro agus airgeadra dár gcuid féin a bhunu arís le muid a thabhairt amach as an ngearchéim eacnamaíochta: é sin nó glacadh le fiche bliain de mheathlú geilleagair. Free article

Homeowners warned against buying into loopy ‘legal protection’

3 November 2013

DESPERATE HOMEOWNERS hoping to avoid repossession are being warned against paying a Kilkenny-based organistaion hundreds of euro for ‘a secret loophole’ that does not exist and will not stop their homes being seized by the banks. Premium service article

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The struggle for equality in education

3 November 2013

THE ideological battleground that is education is an ongoing struggle between Sinn Féin with its progressive approach and that of a reactionary bloc in thrall to an elitist system and mentality rooted in selection and privilege. Free article

The enigmas of Parnell and Kildare in the Tan War

3 November 2013

THERE IS a tendency amongst many republicans to sideline Charles Stewart Parnell as something of an interlude between the Fenians and the Easter Rising, when the really important stuff happened. Yes, he was important at the time but what lasting significance has remained? Free article

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