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27 February 2017

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Mary Lou McDonald to speak at ‘Flowers for Magdalenes’ in Glasnevin next Sunday

THE sixth annual “Flowers for Magdalenes” remembrance event takes place next Sunday (5 March) at 2:30pm at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin.

This special event aims to remember the women and girls who were incarcerated in Magdalene Laundries during that shameful period of our all too recent history.

The poignant ceremony will feature an address from Claire McGettrick of Justice for Magdalenes Research, Mary Lou McDonald TD (pictured below) and Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire TD.

This will be followed by the laying of flowers on the graves and monuments to the women, many of whom lived and died inside the walls of these institutions.

MLM in white

Organisers say:

“As a tribute to the women we ask all participants to bring along bunches of flowers that will be laid on each of the four Magdalene plots in the cemetery.

“Families and children are welcome to join us on the day.”

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