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30 April 2009 Edition

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'We are not going to be intimidated' - McGuinness

DETERMINED: Martin McGuinness says republicans will not be intimidated by so-called ‘dissidents’

DETERMINED: Martin McGuinness says republicans will not be intimidated by so-called ‘dissidents’

THE North’s deputy First Minister and senior Sinn Féin figure Martin McGuinness has said he will not be intimidated or live in fear after he was warned of a plot against his life.
Speaking at Free Derry Corner the leading republican said that neither he nor Sinn Féin would allow such threats to stop them representing the community and driving forward the republican agenda.
“It hasn’t stopped us in the past and we will not allow it to deflect us from our work in the future. The task of building the Peace Process and advancing republican and democratic goals is far too important for us to let that happen”, McGuinness said.
Martin McGuinness was speaking after being informed by the PSNI that there was a threat against his life. This latest threat follows an implied threat against McGuinness by so called ‘dissidents’ over the Easter period.
Accompanied by Derry MLAs Martina Anderson and Raymond McCartney, McGuinness dismissed those threatening his life as “a set of impostors who are trying to hijack the republican cause for their own purposes”.
“They’re not going to succeed. Sinn Féin has a job to do, it is a difficult job and it may be a dangerous job, some of us may lose our lives, but we’re not going to be intimidated,” said McGuinness.
“I have spent my entire adult life engaged in the republican struggle to bring about Irish unity and independence. Throughout that time there have been numerous attempts made to silence me and stop me going about my republican work,” said McGuinness.
“These have come from a variety of British state agencies and their surrogates in the loyalist gangs. It now seems that some of these small groups have now taken their place in that company.”
Meanwhile Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney  condemned those who left a hoax object outside the home of a another MLA Mitchel McLaughlin in the Bogside early on the morning of Saturday,  25 April.
Raymond McCartney said:
“This type of disruptive activity is futile and only unsettles elderly residents of the Bogside. It will not have any affect on how Sinn Féin elected representatives or party activists carry out our work within this community.
“I don’t know who is behind this activity but those groups opposed to the Sinn Féin strategy through their irresponsible rhetoric and public threats are ultimately responsible.
“I call on those placing these devices to think of the possible ramifications of their actions and to desist from this activity.

And in North Antrim the home of Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay was attacked in the early hours of last Monday morning. Speaking after the attack, North Antrim MLA Daithí McKay  said that Sinn Féin will stand toe to toe against criminal groups masquerading as republicans in the North Antrim area.
“Anti-social elements carried out a number of attacks on property in the village over the weekend. Local people are disgusted at these people coming into this village to start trouble and destroy property.
“This criminal group have aligned themselves with so called ‘dissident’ groups and some are clearly involved in drugs. Republicanism is nothing more than a flag of convenience for these people”, McKay said.
“Sinn Féin will not allow members of this community to be intimidated or held to ransom by hoods or criminal elements of any nature. We said that we will stand toe to toe with these people and that is exactly what we will do. It’s time they got off the back of this community”, he added.

• DEFIANT: Daithí McKay at his Rasharkin home attacked by criminals masquerading as republicans



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