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31 July 2003 Edition

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Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams last Thursday spoke at a news conference at which he urged people to take part in the march and rally against collusion on 10 August. He said: "Collusion between British state forces and unionist death squads has been a consistent feature of the Six-County state since its creation.

State forces have shared information, weapons and membership with unionist paramilitaries.

Over the last 30 years, collusion became a daily reality and resulted in some of the worst incidents of violence including the Dublin/Monaghan bombings and the reign of terror conducted by the Shankill Butchers.

The policy of employing the loyalist death squads was not the actions of rogue agents or individuals that overstepped their responsibilities. It was a policy endorsed at the highest political level. The British government has never accepted its responsibility for the deaths that resulted from this policy.

On 10 August, Sinn Féin, with the families of the victims of this policy of collusion, is organising a march and rally to Belfast City Hall, at 3pm.

We are calling for a large attendance in support of the families of those who were killed through the policy of state-sponsored murder and to demand from the British the truth about its role, and that of its various armed and intelligence agencies, in the killing of citizens. It's time for the truth about collusion."


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