17 May 2001 Edition

Equality is for everyone

17 May 2001

``Equality is for everyone and no one should be afraid of an equality agenda,'' Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams told a West Belfast conference last week. Free article

Cowen attack on Sinn Féin backfires

17 May 2001

The Nice referendum campaign cranked up several notches this week as Fianna Fáil dipped their toes into the debate. Their posters are going up and the party's government ministers are selling the Yes campaign with a two-pronged strategy of Ôthis is a treaty about generosity' and Ôlets attack Sinn Féin'. Free article

New plastic bullet dubbed Lethal Weapon III

17 May 2001

Backbench Labour MP, Kevin McNamara last week dubbed the new plastic bullet L21A1 ``Lethal Weapon III'' following technical information obtained from Parliamentary Questions about the weapon. Despite a complete lack of consultation with victims organisations and against the advice of experts, the RUC and British Army intend to deploy the replacement bullet on 1 June. Free article

Schoolboy forced to hold cannabis stash

17 May 2001

A 15-year-old school boy was forced to hide cannabis valued at £2,000 in his Falls Road home according to Sinn Féin's Fra McCann. Free article

£6m taxi bill for health trusts

17 May 2001

The 19 health trusts throughout the Six Counties have run up nearly £6m on private taxis fares in the past four years. Free article

Dublin Corporation betrys homeless

17 May 2001

``The Dublin housing crisis is a volcano just waiting to explode'', said Councillor Nicky Kehoe. He and other members of the Sinn Féin group on the council attempted to raise the debate at last Monday's Dublin City Council meeting beyond the mere detail of how much of the 20% of new housing developments will be allocated to social housing or the provision of affordable housing. Free article

Department order penalizes disadvantaged schools

17 May 2001

The Department of Education and Science in Dublin has ordered schools to abolish Middle Infants classes, an extra junior grade which is used by some schools in disadvantaged areas. There is widespread anger in these schools at the Department's decision. Free article

Telling the story of women's involvement

17 May 2001

``The role and contribution of women as a political force needs to be analysed and honoured. This is the Women's History Project, and this meeting, titled ``The Story of Women's involvement'' is a part of this project.'' Anne Speed was introducing a public meeting last Thursday in Dublin. Free article

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