11 May 2000 Edition

British admit Orange parades are sectarian

11 May 2000

As tension heightens ahead of July, the British government has finally admitted that Orange Order parades are a sectarian, and not a ``cultural'' issue. Free article

Criminalising dissent

11 May 2000

Two weekends ago, a small group of political activists and human rights campaigners gathered in London to protest against a new piece of legislation which is making its way unhindered through the House of Lords, and which is very likely to affect the human and civil rights of almost anyone engaged in radical political activism. The Terrorism Bill, having already passed virtually unopposed through Parliament, is due to become British law early next year. Free article

US lawyers back Nelson and Finucane inquiries

11 May 2000

A press release and statement from the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles ``Joe'' Hynes marks a significant step in the Rosemary Nelson Campaign in the United States. Free article

Livingstone's back

11 May 2000

The Blair project received a, some would say welcome, blow on 4 May when Londoners voted for Ken Livingstone as the city's first directly elected mayor. Livingstone, who was expelled from the Labour Party when he announced his intention to run for office, was the subject of an intensely negative campaign by the party. Nevertheless, since his victory he has striven to build bridges with his former colleagues, inviting party member Nicky Gavron to accept the post of Deputy Mayor. Free article

Maskey leads Montreal May Day March

11 May 2000

Crowning a highly successful visit to Montreal, Sinn Fein Assembly member Alex Maskey walked with Quebec trade union leaders at the front of a 6,000-strong May Day march. Maskey's visit began with a trip to Ottawa to meet with a Canadian government representative from External Affairs and with the Irish ambassador. Free article

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Sinn Féin Assembly member settles case

11 May 2000

Francie Molloy, Sinn Féin Assembly Member for Mid Ulster, settled out of court this week for a four-figure sum following an incident in December 1996. Free article

Incinerator protest at Dublin Corpo

11 May 2000

Dublin Corporation's proposal to build an incinerator on the Poolbeg Peninsula in Ringsend continues to meet with local opposition. Free article

Demilitarisation: ``A welcome first step''

11 May 2000

Sinn Féin Assembly member for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy has welcomed the announcement that a number of British military installations are to be closed but he has expressed concern that only part of the Cloghogue observation base in South Armagh will be demolished. Free article

Human Rights Commission critical of Stevens

11 May 2000

The Six-County Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) has criticised the restricted remit of the Stevens inquiry into the killing of Belfast civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane and has added its name to the list of those calling for an independent judicial inquiry. Free article

Recruitment attempts in London

11 May 2000

Irish activists in London are being approached by the intelligence services in what appears to be an effort to recruit informers. Free article

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