7 October 1999 Edition

RUC accused of ball-bearing attack

7 October 1999

A 15-year-old West Belfast girl, Aisling Armstrong, has accused the RUC of firing a potentially lethal ball bearing at her from the back of a Land Rover as she walked along Broadway in West Belfast on Tuesday evening, 28 September - a claim backed up by her friend, who was with her at the time. Free article

Strike threat highlights health service crisis

7 October 1999

The Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrat government dismisses the nurses' pay claim on the grounds that it is for parity, which will provoke leap-frogging pay claims, industrial unrest, ripping wage inflation and the threat of economic downturn. Free article

12 picketers arrested at Leinster House

7 October 1999

The gardai moved in on Leinster House this week and made some arrests. No it wasn't a case of taking action on Ansbacher account holders or such like, the arrests were of 12 building workers picketing the construction site for the extension to government buildings. Free article

Five kept in the dark

7 October 1999

`Nobody told me' was the message from the DIRT inquiry last week. This time the nobodies were five former ministers for Finance. Free article

Sham human rights group bows out

7 October 1999

After a nine-year history dogged by controversy, the British government-funded pseudo human rights group Families Against Intimidation and Terror (Fait) has finally collapsed. Free article

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Garvaghy betrayal on the cards?

7 October 1999

Northern nationalists fear the British government has made a deal with the Orange Order which would see the forcing of a sectarian march down the Garvaghy Road within the next few weeks. Free article

Strange fruit in Portadown

7 October 1999

When Blues singer Billy Holiday sang [ITALICS]''Strange Fruit'' a song about white lynch mob attacks on Black Americans in the 1940s, she was highlighting not only racist attacks but also the lack of justice in a state where black lives and deaths were incidental. Free article

Lisburn flies sectarian flag

7 October 1999

Lisburn Sinn Féin councillor Paul Butler has accused Lisburn Borough Council of breaching fair employment practices and sending out a clear message to rate payers who do not happen to be unionists. Free article

Teeling Monument rededicated

7 October 1999

The monument to the Teeling family, who were involved in the United Irish rising in 1798, was rededicated at a ceremony at Poleglass in West Belfast on Sunday 26 September 1999. Free article

Hourlong Congress debate on Ireland

7 October 1999

The level of American concern for the peace process will be demonstrated again today when, by a special order of Congress, the failure to implement the Good Friday Agreement will be debated in Washington. Free article

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