15 October 1998 Edition

SF campaign takes off in Cork

15 October 1998

At Tuesday's public launch of Sinn Féin's by-election campaign in Cork South Central the party's candidate, Henry Cremin, identified the social exclusion of working class people as the main issue of the election. Free article

Saoirse train won't be derailed

15 October 1998

Saoirse chairperson Martin Meehan has said the train scheduled to take Republican POWs to a rally in Dublin at the weekend will go ahead despite threats from the extremist loyalist faction Justice for Protestants group. ``We have in the past cancelled the train three times for reasons of sensitivity and security. In the light of the advancing political process we feel that the time is now right for the trian to proceed,'' said Meehan. Free article

Sectarian attacks must end - Kelly

15 October 1998

SF Assembly member Gerry Kelly has slammed the latest in a series of sectarian attacks on Catholic homes in North Belfast. Free article

USA POWs in court ruling breakthrough

15 October 1998

Long Kesh escapees, Pol Brennan, Terry Kirby and Kevin Barry Artt, who have been fighting extradition proceedings in the USA for over six years hope to be reunited with their families after San Francisco's Appeal Court overturned an earlier district court order to return them to British jurisdiction. Free article

Anthem snub ``an insult''

15 October 1998

Sinn Fein Assembly representative and spokesperson on Equality, John Kelly, has accused David Trimble of a ``calculated insult'' following his boycott of the playing of the Irish national anthem at an Irish-American business function in the US last Wednesday 7 October . Free article

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BBC bias exposed

15 October 1998

The BBC's own Broadcasting Standards Commission has ruled that a 1997 current affairs programme, `Spotlight' had no evidence to support its claim that Robert McMahon, a member of the Gerry Adams's protection team, was involved in electoral fraud. Free article

Trimble trying to renegotiate Agreement - Adams

15 October 1998

Gerry Adams told a packed audience in Dundalk Town Hall last Thursday that the current impasse in the peace process is about whether Unionism is prepared to do a deal. ``So far, Unionism hasn't come round to the notion that it is no longer in charge,'' he said. Free article

Nothing for Strabane

15 October 1998

Recent figures have revealed that unemployment blackspot West Tyrone has been virtually neglected by inward-investment agancy, the Industrial Development Board. Free article

Harvey-McGlynn monument unveiled

15 October 1998

A large crowd assembled on the Tyrone/Donegal border near Castlederg last Sunday to commemorate the deaths of local IRA Volunteers Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn. Free article

Securing community airwaves

15 October 1998

Tara O'Liaith describes how an Irish community group wants to set up a digital TV channel Free article

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