20 August 1998 Edition

SF praises nationalist marchers

20 August 1998

Sinn Fein Assembly member for South Down Mick Murphy has commended the behaviour of the nationalist bands and their supporters for their behaviour at the annual 15 August parade in Kilkeel. Free article

Calls for extension for RUC submissions

20 August 1998

The Derry-based international human rights group, the Pat Finucane Centre, has called for the Independent Commission on Policing to extend its 15 September deadline for written submissions. Free article

Freed men to sue

20 August 1998

The three West Belfast men freed from jail after the murder case against them collapsed may sue the RUC for malicious prosecution. Samuel Baker, Sean Valente and William Groves had been held in jail since last February charged with the murder of loyalist Bobbie Dougan outside his Dunmurray shop. Free article

Toxic waste targets tots

20 August 1998

The eminent medical journal `The Lancet' recently published research which shows that mothers living within three kilometres of a toxic landfill site are at risk of giving birth to children with birth defects, including neural damage, spina bifida and hydrocephaly (``water on the brain''). Free article

Bloody Sunday commander dies

20 August 1998

British Army GOC and Director of Operations in the Six-Counties from 1971 to 1973, General Sir Harry Tuzo, died, aged 80, on 8 August. He was ultimately responsible for the murder of 14 civilians on Bloody Sunday in Derry, the casual brutality of the Motorman raids in Derry and Belfast, the introduction of internment and the deaths of over 150 men, women and children at the hands of the British Army. Free article

Maghaberry POWs graduate

20 August 1998

The graduation of four Republican POWs was celebrated with a party held in Maghaberry Jail. Free article

Fógraí bháis: Joe Christle

20 August 1998

The young republican Volunteers of the 1940s are slipping from our midst - mostly unheralded. Yet these were the people who put the IRA and Sinn Féin back on track after the savage suppression of the Republican Movement in 1939-1945. Free article

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