30 April 1998 Edition

RUC entrapment strategy intact

30 April 1998

A series of attempts by the RUC to entrap nationalists in Lurgan have led Sinn Fein's John O'Dowd to call on the NIO to rein in ``this discredited force''. Free article

Bunscoil refused funding

30 April 1998

Parents of children at Belfast's oldest Bunscoil on Shaw's Road are outraged that the school will not receive a penny of the £33 million of education money handed out last week. Free article

SFY discuss document

30 April 1998

Conway Mill was the venue for a national Sinn Fein Youth conference on Saturday 25 April to discuss the Good Friday Document. Free article

Groundswell against GAA rule change

30 April 1998

The executive of Fermanagh County Board GAA has been forced to issue a statement denying it had made a decision to support GAA president Joe McDonagh's move to scrap Rule 21 prior to internal consultation. Free article

Felons chairperson approached by RUC

30 April 1998

The Felons Club chairperson, Liam Shannon, described himself as ``very angry'' following an attempt by the RUC to entrap him into acting as an informer. Free article

BBC reporter backs collusion claim

30 April 1998

BBC journalist John Ware in the current issue of the New Statesman magazine has presented evidence that British crown forces effectively sentenced solicitor Pat Finucane to death nine years ago. Free article

No Racism-No Deportations

30 April 1998

Michael Pierse explains the background to last week's anti-racist rally in Dublin Free article

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