20 November 1997 Edition

Springfield residents form action group

20 November 1997

Residents of the Springfield Road in Belfast are set to oppose unwanted Orange marches that go through their predominatly nationalist neighbourhood each year. Free article

Conspiracy to silence dissent

20 November 1997

Robert Allen reports on a British court case aimed at suppressing the radical press Free article

Lavery snowbound in USA

20 November 1997

After years of talking about it, months of procrastination, and weeks of toing and froing at the US consulate, North Belfast Councillor Bobby Lavery finally landed in the USA - in the middle of a snow storm. Free article

Newry confronts drug dealers

20 November 1997

A new campaign against Newry drug dealers got off to an angry and emotional start in the centre of the town last Saturday. A large anti-drugs rally heard the mother of a murder victim break down as she said, ``I wouldn't like to see any other family going through what we are going through today.'' Free article

The wartime agenda

20 November 1997

It is said that a good gauge of society is how it treats its prisoners. In the Six Counties prisons and the issue of imprisonment has always been prominent, whether it be the issue of internment, the hunger strikes, strip searches, daring escapes, transfers, compassionate parole or the release of prisoners. How the British government, rather than Irish society, has dealt with those issues has often shown their attitude towards Ireland and the Irish people, not just in this phase of the liberation struggle but down through the centuries. Free article

Parties combine to exclude Sinn Féin TD

20 November 1997

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín O Caoláin has said that the voters of Cavan and Monaghan are being disenfranchised by his exclusion from the group structure in Leinster House whereby members gain access to speaking time and other rights. Free article

Garda Special Branch continue to harass young republicans

20 November 1997

Sinn Féin Youth has strongly criticised what it calls ``the unnecessary harassment and intimidation'' of its members. Over the last number of weeks Garda Special Branch detectives have stopped and questioned several Sinn Féin Youth members. The increase in harassment comes at a time when republican youth in Dublin are firmly establishing themselves as a well organised body. Free article

Marcella flies the flag

20 November 1997

An Phoblacht reader Marcella Curran has succeeded in her campaign to force the GPO in Dublin's O'Connell Street to continue flying the tricolour seven days a week. Free article

Repeal the PTA

20 November 1997

A co-ordinated campaign for the `Repeal of the PTA' will be launched next Thursday (7 pm) 27 November at Islington Central Library on the Holloway Road in London. Free article

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