10 April 1997 Edition

Churches firebombed

10 April 1997

The Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor, Dr Patrick Walsh has said that those who made anti-Catholic speeches were partly to blame for arson attacks on chapels in Randalstown, Antrim and Laurel Vale in Armagh. In the latest attack loyalist arsonists burnt to the ground the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Mullavilly, Laurel Vale, near Portadown. The 226 year old church was the second oldest in the Archdiocese of Armagh. Free article

Widespread disruption in England

10 April 1997

THE IRA CAUSED WIDESPREAD DISRUPTION and economic damage estimated at between £70 and £80 million to the British state when last Thursday 3 April its Volunteers planted two bombs on the busiest stretches of Britain's motorway network closing sections of the M1, M5 and M6 motorways in the British midlands. Free article

Mayhews last act 'an indictment of his tenure'

10 April 1997

By the time you read this, two convicted British soldiers may have been secretly transferred from Maghaberry jail to Scotland and released despite having served just 27 months of the life sentence they received for murdering North Belfast teenager Peter McBride. Free article

Loughgall trial finds SAS guilty

10 April 1997

A MOCK TRIAL HELD IN Pace University in White Plains New York during March found, ``the Prime Minister of Britain guilty of ordering the murder of nine people in Loughgall on 8 May 1987''. Eight IRA Volunteers and civilian Anthony Hughes were shot dead by the SAS. Free article

Destructive raids in Cappagh

10 April 1997

Several hundred British soldiers in helicopter troopcarriers descended on the Cappagh and Galbally areas of Tyrone last Thursday morning 3 April. They destroyed land and property in a clear attempt at community punishment. Free article

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Labour will talk - McGuinness

10 April 1997

At Sinn Féin's weekly press conference Martin McGuinness said he was optimistic about future talks, ``Leading British Labour representatives are indicating that they recognise the serious mistakes of the Major administration. We can go into this election with considerable confidence that the British Labour Party will not repeat the mistakes of the Major administration''. Free article

POW treated in hospital

10 April 1997

POW Eugene McKee required specialist treatment in Belfast's City hospital after injuries he sustained at the hands of a riot squad in the aftermath of the discovery of a tunnel in H7 Long Kesh on Sunday March 23. McKee was one of 66 POWs beaten by screws in follow-up searches. Free article

Bruton sticks his oar in

10 April 1997

John Bruton intervened in the Westminster election in the Six Counties on Wednesday when he called on people not to vote Sinn Féin saying it was a ``vote for the IRA''. Free article

Full house in Newry

10 April 1997

Brian Campbell was in Newry when Gerry Adams and Pat McNamee went canvassing Free article

Trade unionist forced out of his home

10 April 1997

A TRADE UNIONIST who was involved in organising the recent trades union demonstration in support of Catholic parishioners of Our Lady's church in Harryville has had to leave his home because of loyalist intimidation. Free article

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